Encore Fellowships

Matching skilled, seasoned professionals with social sector organizations in high impact, paid leadership engagements.

How Encore Fellowships Work

The Encore Fellowships program achieves impact with a proven formula that connects the interests and know-how of four key players:

Experienced, skilled professionals interested in transitioning to a second act in the social sector in high impact, paid engagements

Social sector organizations with budget and identified need for experienced talent

Organizations that recruit and rigorously match encore talent to achieve impact

Corporations, foundations or agencies that fund some Encore Fellowships

Encore Fellows™ Get Results

Since 2009, thousands of Encore Fellows™ have provided over 2 million hours of service, at a fraction of their market value, contributing the equivalent of more than $200 million to not-for-profit organizations in over 50 metropolitan areas.

How the Fellowship Match Process Works

By applying through our Program Directory, candidates express their interest in becoming an Encore Fellow. There is no commitment made by completing an application; it is the first step in the process. Candidates apply to be a member of the Encore Fellowship program in their geographical area, rather than to specific openings.

When there is a potential match, applicants are contacted for further discussion of openings, and their interest and skills. The work host and fellow interview each other to determine a mutual fit. Finding the right match can take several months or more. Fellowships are for 1000 hours and Fellows receive a stipend of $15,000-25,000 depending on geographical area. The number of Encore Fellows™ each year varies by geographical area, depending on the number of organizations interested in hosting a Fellow.

There are regional programs in 6 states and 22 metropolitan areas.
Sponsored programs operate in partnership with corporations, foundations and others.

What Type of Social Impact Organizations Utilize Encore Fellows™?

Social impact organizations of all types have hosted Encore Fellows™ from government agencies to health- care research organizations and medical centers to schools, youth oriented, environmental, food security, aging-oriented and social service organizations.

“Encore Fellowships are a bold and timely idea that wows us . . . the kind of innovative thinking that can transform lives and change our world.”


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