Encore.org FAQs

Questions about Encore.org and
the encore movement

What, briefly, does Encore.org do?

Encore.org advances the idea of leveraging the skills and talents of experienced adults to improve communities and the world.

Our current portfolio:

  • Generation to Generation, our signature initiative, is a campaign to mobilize millions of adults 50+ to improve the prospects of children and youth.
  • The Encore Fellowships Network matches skilled, seasoned professionals with social purpose organizations in high-impact, paid transitional positions.
  • The Encore Prize supports innovations to bring experienced talent to social problems.
  • The Encore Network is a coalition of leaders and organizations committed to turning our longer lives into a valuable asset.

I'm looking for a job. Can Encore.org help?

Encore.org does not work with individual job-seekers. Our mission is to advance the role of people in later life using their time and talents to have a positive impact in the world, particularly in work that improves life for young people and future generations.

Under the Resources section of this website, you’ll see a page for ‘Encore Seekers.’  That page will give you several ideas that may be helpful in your search.

We also encourage you to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our social media channels are where those invested in the encore movement share their ideas and experiences. Our LinkedIn group is especially useful for those looking to move into encore careers.  

Finally, your local unemployment office is another good resource — especially around support for education and retraining.


What is the encore movement?

The encore movement aims to solve social problems by harnessing the experience of people in midlife and beyond. It includes the legions of people in or aspiring to transition to their encores, the people and organizations working to enable encores for others and the social purpose organizations tapping encore talent.

What is meant by work with social impact or social purpose?

By social impact or social purpose work, we mean work that addresses a social issue such as poverty, human rights, health, education, social justice or protecting the environment. We are particularly focused on work that improves the lives of young people and the prospects of future generations.

What is an “encore” or an “encore career”?

An “encore” or “encore career” is continued work in the second half of life that combines social impact, purpose, and often, continued income. While many people see their encore work as a “career,” others associate the career language with the “achieving” stage of life. For that reason, we talk about an encore role, work, or activity – or simply “an encore.” Use whichever language feels most comfortable to you.

Is an encore age-defined?

The encore idea is rooted in life stage rather than chronological age. It is about moving into a new stage, motivated by making a difference or having a social impact in a new way in the second half of life. That said, the encore stage sits squarely in those years that used to comprise retirement. We see many people planning for their encores in their late 40s or early 50s and moving into encore work in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Is the encore idea only focused on paid work?

For some, an encore will be a paid role, either full- or part- time. Other encores will consist of unpaid work, whether referred to as volunteering, community organizing or a pro bono role that taps one’s professional skills.

Is the encore idea limited to the nonprofit sector?

Encore.org is focused on social impact, regardless of the sector where that is happening. Although we often talk about encore roles in nonprofits, many people craft or find their encores in government, as consultants or as small business owners with a socially-oriented mission. It’s also possible to find your encore in a corporate environment, focusing on social responsibility or other areas that have a social impact.

Do all encores involve moving from the for-profit to the nonprofit sector?

No. Many people who have spent their lives doing work with social impact are interested and poised to contribute in their encores in new ways. Consider the veteran teacher with 30 years of experience who starts a literacy organization for high-need youth or the social worker who becomes a foster care reformer after years of working within the entrenched system.

How can I find out what’s going on in the encore movement in my area?

Look at the Encore Network pagewhere you’ll find a list of programs and the states where they operate.  

How can I bring the encore idea to my area?

Download our new guide, Innovations in Encore, which offers resources, profiles of leading encore organizations and advice on how to get started.

Questions about Encore.org programs

What is Generation to Generation?

It’s a five-year campaign to mobilize 1 million people over 50 to show up for kids, work with communities and youth-serving organizations to scale the engagement of experienced talent, and advance the national conversation on what can be accomplished when generations come together.

This campaign was created by Encore.org with support from partner organizations and foundation funding. To get involved, visit www.iamGen2Gen.org.

How can I get information about hosting or becoming an Encore Fellow?

All information about the Encore Fellowships Network, including how to apply to become or host an Encore Fellow, can be found on the Encore Fellowships program page.

How can I share my encore story?

Visit  Stories from the Encore Movement for information.

How can I nominate someone (or myself) for the Purpose Prize?

Encore.org no longer operates The Purpose Prize. For more information, please see this page on AARP’s site.

What is the Encore Network and how can I, or my organization, get involved?

Encore Network leaders and organizations work in one of three areas: helping social purpose organizations use encore talent, helping encore seekers discover what’s next and strengthening communities by engaging encore talent.  If you or your organization does that kind of work, and you’re interested in collaborating with others to build the encore movement, you should consider joining. Please see this FAQ page for more information. 

Questions about our website and mailing list

How can I unsubscribe from the Encore.org mailing list?

There should be an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each message you receive from us.  Click on that button to remove yourself from our mailing list.

How can I update my email address on your mailing list?

Please send your request to [email protected].

Is Encore.org hiring?

Open positions at Encore.org can be found here.

I’m interested in finding encore talent for a job in my organization.
Does Encore.org post job listings?

Encore.org does not list jobs for organizations or individuals. We encourage individuals and organizations seeking encore talent to share listings and encore opportunities in our Encore.org LinkedIn group. The nearly 5,000 members of that group include many encore-seekers and many people who are working in social purpose organizations that are interested in encore talent.