Washington University, Brown School of Social Work

The Brown School has a distinguished history of preparing its students for leadership roles in social impact work. Now, the School also serves as a connector, providing training and support for older adults looking to transition into service-oriented careers. Launched in 2014, the Next Move initiative is led by Nancy Morrow-Howell, one of the nation’s leading researchers on healthy aging.

Through workshops and opportunities for graduate coursework, aspiring career-changers learn to apply their experience to make a difference. Programs ranging from three to twelve hours are offered to help encore-seekers explore options and plan their transitions. The sessions provide tools for:

  • Connecting with like-minded people and expanding your network,
  • Conveying your skills, passion and needs,
  • Engaging your talents and interests in ways that are consistent with your purpose, passion and identity,
  • Exploring aspirations and goals for a service-oriented encore career, crafting a plan and taking action and
  • Managing a career change.

Instructors are drawn from the University’s faculty and staff, as well as experienced professionals in nonprofit
management, career development, career transition, networking, coaching and counseling.

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