Looking to up your game in thought leadership? We know how hard it can be to rise above the current noise! That’s why Encore.org recently offered a free, one-hour webinar for current and aspiring thought leaders working at the intersection of aging, longevity, intergenerational connection and social justice.

Whether you’re just establishing your voice or looking for new ways to reach more people, there are lots of ways to broaden your impact and influence the national conversation. These resources will get you started.

Up Your Game in Thought Leadership. This recorded webinar features Marci Alboher, Encore.org VP and author of the Encore Career Handbook, Sarah McKinney Gibson, Encore.org storytelling and media specialist, Duncan Magidson, Communications Associate, Digital Engagement, and eight other experts from our network (see below for full speaker list.) [1 hour, 12 minutes]

Follow along with the webinar by downloading the slides from the presentation and viewing the comments from the chat.

When it comes to pitching, check out the OpEd Project basics and pitching guidelines. The Byline Bible, by Susan Shapiro, is an excellent resource for pitching editors. If you want to pitch a particular publication, search to see if they have submission guidelines (e.g. Fast Company, WIRED, etc.)

Submit a letter to the editor. Each publication will have guidelines for submitting a letter to the editor (e.g. NYTimes) M&R has a great Letter to the Editor tool you may want to use.

Experiment with different publishing platforms. Learn how to publish articles on LinkedIn here (this is best for professional content and to reach your existing network). Learn how to post on Medium here. Thrive Global is another publishing platform, focused on health and well-being, that accepts guest contributors — learn more here.

Check out our list of virtual events, search for upcoming conferences and events, and pitch yourself as a speaker with unique expertise!

LinkedIn Learning (which acquired Lynda.com) is a great place for online classes and they have many (free or low cost offerings) related to the topics we discussed. As an example, check out Marci’s course on Encore Careers and then browse by topic.

Here are some useful resources related to aging/longevity/intergenerational issues. This may come in handy as you hone your ideas and need to ground them in data and research.

If you’re looking for social media resources, download this guide on how to build your branding using social media. See this guide to learn more about how to use Instagram stories. Related to that, if you’re just getting on Twitter or you want to share something of value to our community please tag @EncoreOrg so we can follow you back and support you!

Also, here’s Duncan Magidson’s recent piece about something critical that’s been lost when campaigns went virtual.

Finally, we want to give a big shoutout to all of our guest experts for lending their time and expertise to this webinar. You can follow them on social media here:

Thanks again,

Marci (@heymarci), Sarah (@smckgibson) and Duncan (@duncan_magidson)

P.S. Have you found other resources helpful? Send us a note at [email protected], and we’ll add to this list!

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