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What's Your Encore Story?

Stories from the Encore Movement

Their encores are creating a better future for future generations

“Once I started working with kids, I realized this was exactly what I wanted to do.”

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Dennis Kucler

Cleveland, OH

Throughout my adult life, my birthday has been a time for self-reflection. As I anticipate my 59th birthday, the past […]

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Valerie Walker

Santa Barbara, CA

In his encore, this ex-teacher became a "best buddy" to disabled youth.

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Wiley Huff

Miami Shores, FL

This nonprofit executive has returned to his activist roots as a literacy tutor in San Francisco.

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Jim Emerman

San Francisco, CA

The experience of cancer made her a champion of early screening and education in her community.

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Grace Butler

Houston, TX

She helps refugee families adjust to their new lives in Denver and make connections.

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Tamara Weil

Denver, CO

A successful author and performer, she fights ageism as a “disease.”

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BarbaraRose Brooker

San Francisco, CA

Raul Bravo tells his former high school automotive teacher, Clairene Terry, how she inspired him to stay in school. Listen to their StoryCorps interview.

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Clairene Terry & Raul Bravo

Chicago, IL

Char Williams always wanted to become a foster mom. In her encore, she’s doing the next best thing.

She works as a CASA volunteer, a court-appointed special advocate for children in foster care. “We are not lawyers. We are the voice of the children,” says Char.

Read about the difference she and thousands of other CASA volunteers nationwide are making in kids’ lives.

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Char Williams

Tennessee Colony, TX

She mentors and funds grassroots efforts to solve society’s intractable problems.

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Naomi Eisenberger

Millburn, NJ

This just-retired professor is still writing, while helping her neighbors tell their own stories.

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Carmaletta Williams

Grandview, MO

This former IBM exec now fundraises for the growing Hispanic community of Silicon Valley.

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Dave Dardis

Los Gatos, CA

What's Your Encore Story?