Howard and Marika Stone

2young2retire Associates
Purpose Prize Fellow 2007

Advocating an alternative vision of the post-midlife years

At the end of successful careers in international publishing and public relations, Howard and Marika Stone chose not to retire, and began new careers as life coach and yoga teacher, respectively. In 1998, they co-founded a website,, to advocate an alternative vision of the post-midlife years, providing ideas and advice about meaningful work and community engagement, and a monthly e-newsletter that now reaches 7,100 subscribers. Then they developed a course and a program to train and certify coaches, social workers, career counselors, and other professionals to act as local facilitators. To date, 126 graduates of the training are bringing the 2young2 retire course into their communities in 30 states, Canada, Australia and Europe. Eighty 2young2retire courses have been given at churches, adult learning centers, alumni organizations, community centers; and for city and state employees. The Stones have published a book, Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways To Start The Rest of Your Life, and speak regularly about their vision of an ageless society in which later life is a time of new possibilities.