A black media exec sets up a program to teach black male millennials entrepreneurship.

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Henry Rock

City Startup Labs, Inc.

This micro-lending champion capitalizes on equality and economic justice with bonds that fight the “feminization of poverty.”

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Patricia Foley Hinnen

Capital Sisters International

Career entrepreneur helps food and farm entrepreneurs develop artisanal food businesses that engage people with disabilities in culinary work.

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Rick Terrien

Innovation Kitchens

Former corporate lawyer’s expertise helps investment firm expand financial inclusion products for people living on less than $10 per day.

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Thomas Brunner

LeapFrog Investments

This former stockbroker, journalist and producer works to increase the safety, income and self-sufficiency of women shea-nut harvesters in Ghana.

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Wickham Boyle

Just Shea

His unorthodox approach to poverty alleviation is helping hundreds of families double their savings and increase their income.

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Mauricio Lim Miller

Family Independence Initiative

He helps the poor in the developing world access basic infrastructure services through enterprises owned and operated by local entrepreneurs.

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Russell deLucia

The Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund, Inc. (S3IDF)

Pritzker invests in the poorest of Ghana's private schools through microfinance and financial training.

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Irene Pritzker

IDP Foundation, Inc.

A domestic abuse survivor, Crawford gives emergency grants that help domestic abuse victims start a new life.

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Johanna Crawford

Web of Benefit, Inc.

Decker helps low-income adults and teens acquire the financial, career and life skills they need to transform their lives and prosper.

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Lorraine Decker

Financial Mentors of America Inc.

Charlton promotes entrepreneurship in Detroit as a means to create jobs and revitalize the struggling city.

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Randal Charlton

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