A retired couple transforms a coffee plantation to provide health care and education for more than 20,000 rural PNG residents.

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Aarlie and Larry Hull

Madan Coffee and Tea Plantation

Long-time juvenile justice professional establishes nonprofit that teaches at-risk youth social and life skills to help them avoid the criminal justice system.

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Adrian L. Moore

Council on At-Risk Youth (CARY)

A lawyer turned social entrepreneur brings literacy to El Salvadoran children by empowering teachers and building libraries for schools.

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Anthony Barash


Long-time activist co-leads intergenerational social-change project that uses art to build community and shape policy.

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Arlene Goldbard

U.S. Department of Arts and Culture

Retired journalist brings athletes and journalists to summer camps to inspire writing, critical thinking and self-confidence in at-risk middle-schoolers.

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Byron Yake

Write on Sports, Inc. (WoS)

Public-health activist and nurse developed an online health-ed resource that promotes self-care, leadership and reduction in high-risk behavior among Central American youth.

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Catherine Strachan Lindenberg

TeenSmart International

A former community college president combats equity gaps to improve college access and completion for California students.

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David B. Wolf

The Campaign for College Opportunity

A father taps the power of film to teach ethics and personal responsibility to young people across the U.S.

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David Tice


A one-time dress-shop owner now runs an urban community garden that feeds thousands.

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Dawn M. Blackman Sr.

The Randolph Street Community Garden

This doctor has modernized the tradition of house calls, with two generations’€™ support, bringing much-needed health care to 4,000 homebound elderly patients.

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Dr. Samuel Lupin

Housecalls for the Homebound

A former union organizer preserves immigrant rights, in life and in death, in South Texas border farms and ranches.

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Eduardo Canales

South Texas Human Rights Center

A retired judge creates a network of volunteer attorneys to represent hundreds of Family Court clients.

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Edward M. Ginsburg

Senior Partners for Justice at the Volunteer Lawyers Project
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