Peter Osnos

About Peter Osnos

Peter Osnos was a correspondent around the world for The Washington Post and the newspaper’s foreign and national editor. He was Associate Publisher and senior editor at Random House and publisher of Random House’s Times Books division. In 1997, he founded PublicAffairs, an independent publishing company specializing in books of journalism, history, biography and social criticism. Among the authors he published at PublicAffairs are, Wesley Clark, Dorothy Height, Vernon Jordan, Wendy Kopp, Robert McNamara, Andy Rooney, Natan Sharansky, George Soros, Boris Yeltsin, and Muhammad Yunus, and journalists from America’s leading publications and prominent scholars. He was executive director of The Caravan Project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, which developed a plan for multi-platform publishing of books. He was Vice Chairman of the Columbia Journalism Review and is active in a number of other journalism and human rights organizations. He writes a regular media column that is distributed by the Century Foundation.