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Youth Plus Wisdom Equals… Innovation

In this New York Times article, Encore.org vice president of marketing and communication, Marci Alboher, takes a look at how intergenerational partnerships between people in encores and younger generations are making a difference.

Two Ways to Help More People have Encore Careers

Adults today generally have the good fortune to be healthier and more energetic than previous generations – and an appetite for continued purpose, engagement, stimulation and challenges in life, well beyond the middle years. Plenty of older adults simply want to help...

Have You Got Your Second Wind?

[intro]In America's youth, we loved older people. The early European settlers wore white wigs and cut their clothes to affect a hunched-over posture. In the early census, Americans lied and said they were older than their actual years. A popular saying of the day, "a...

An Interview with Jane Pauley

A highlight of my work at Encore.org is that it's allowed me to meet and work alongside Jane Pauley, one of my lifelong heroes. As a powerful voice on the subject of the encore life stage, Jane (Yes, I now actually call my hero by her first name!) has become a true...