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For media inquiries and requests for speakers, please email Stefanie Weiss, director of communications, at [email protected].

New Partnership: Encore Fellowships and Inspiring Capital

New Partnership: Encore Fellowships and Inspiring Capital

We're delighted to announce that Encore.org and Inspiring Capital are working together on an innovative pilot program in the New York metropolitan area, offering intergenerational teams of business talent to social impact organizations. The program consists of an...

EFN News: A Message from EFN Director Mike Mowery

In the last two years, under my leadership, the Encore Fellowships Network has truly proven itself to be a “killer app” for connecting Encore talent to opportunity. We have built the internal capacity to manage a significantly increased number of Encore Fellows; 2016...

A Warm Welcome (Home) to Stefanie Weiss

It's a pleasure to welcome Stef Weiss to Encore.org in her new role as Generation to Generation's Strategic Communications Director. She will lead communications strategy and narrative change for the Gen2Gen campaign, and work with Marc Freedman on his upcoming book....

Nurturing Purpose Beyond the Self in Older Adults

This article was written by Anne Colby and Jim Emerman. The Pathways to Encore Purpose (PEP) project is a collaboration between the Stanford Graduate School of Education and Encore.org. The project began with a nationally representative survey of nearly 1,200 adults,...

Stand up for National Service

I was 25 when I inadvertently landed in the mecca of national service, leading Experience Corps Bay Area, an intergenerational tutoring program fueled by service members of all ages. Over the course of the most formative decade of my career, I found myself working...

Announcing the Encore Prize

The Encore Prize, offering $100,000 in cash prizes, coaching and a year of ongoing support, is looking for the next generation of programs and products that bring the talent of 50+ adults to social problems.

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