Encore Fellows™ Program

The Intel Encore Career Fellows program offers Encore Fellowships to all of Intel’s U.S.-based, retirement-eligible employees interested in transitioning to social purpose work and contributing to their community. Crafted to provide nonprofits and social impact organizations access to skilled, experienced talent, the Intel Encore Career Fellows program can help you quickly build organizational capacity.


The Intel Encore Career Fellows Program provides a way to link the needs of the community with the experience and expertise of longstanding Intel talent. Over 95% of  nonprofits stated the Fellowship engagement had an enduring impact on their organization.

Host Application

Submit your application to be an Encore Fellow work host.

The Intel Encore Career Fellows Program Details:

  • Intel Encore Career Fellows must begin their fellowship within 6 months of their retirement date.
  • Matches are based on mutual agreement only; a match is not guaranteed.
  • Intel Encore Career Fellows commit to 1000 hours of work with the social impact organization.
  • Intel pays for 100% of the Encore Fellowship stipend and program fee.

How Does it Work?

Once a nonprofit organization applies to host an Intel Encore Career Fellow, a program director will coordinate the interview and matching processes for Fellowship opportunities.

Working closely with the organization and the fellow candidate, the program director carefully matches eligible employees to ensure a cultural and skills-based fit.  Fellow applicants are screened for commitment, flexibility, and ability to make an impact.

What Type of Talent is Available?

Intel alumni bring a wealth of practical experience to this effort including expertise in program and project management, marketing and communications, information technology, HR, finance, engineering, admin and facilities – skills that are in high demand and can have a major impact on nonprofit organizations.

Fellows can work on a capacity-building, strategic assignment, fill an interim role, or help you test if a position is needed permanently in your organization. Often, Fellows continue on with their host organization or other social impact organizations after their Fellowship ends.

Does It Work?

Encore Fellows have logged close to 2 million hours of work in social purpose organizations across the country, a market value equivalent to $200 million.  Join us and bring highly valued workplace skills, expertise, and life experience to your social purpose organization.

Meet Some Recent Intel Fellows

Fancy Bryant III

Fancy spent 19 years at Intel in software and hardware engineering. Fancy worked as Ile Omode school’s technical specialist. He collaborated with the Director to develop short and long-term technical road maps for the school, providing an actionable plan for sustaining, deploying, and engaging current and future technical resources. He took full responsibility for student and teacher technology, desktop and mobile devices, to ensure functionality and correct use and identified and received technology contributions from major corporations.
“It wasn’t until Fancy Bryant’s Encore Fellowship that the program began to see significant growth….his work had an immediate impact on over 200 students, results in technical training for a dozen staff members, and provides support for over 100 families.”
Jahi Awakoaiye, Director of School, Ile Omode

Jeff Fox had 44 years of experience as an engineer and manager in the semiconductor industry, most recently with Intel. RAFT’s mission is to help educators transform the learning experience through “hands-on” education that inspires the joy and discovery of learning. In his Fellowship role, Jeff applied his knowledge, skills and experience to RAFT as an education and operations liaison, measuring the impact of RAFT activities, suggesting operational efficiencies, and.creating project management tools.  Jeff Fox has 44 years of experience as an engineer and manager in the semiconductor industry, most recently with Intel.

Centro Cultural de Washington County serves Latino families with a wide-range of ever-growing programs to create self-sufficient, engaged, and active citizens. Rose used her skills to create a database instead of their paper-based system to track all of their clients coming to Centro for information, support, training. classes, projects and events.  She continues there as a data strategist. Rose worked in security and administration for  over 30 years, from Correctional Officer to corporate security, trainer, first responder, and employee records retention manager.

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