We’ve changed our name from Encore.org to CoGenerate! Join us at cogenerate.org to bridge generational divides and co-create the future.

We’ve changed our name from Encore.org to CoGenerate! Join us at cogenerate.org to bridge generational divides and co-create the future.

Fellows in Action

NEWSNATION: Music soothes spirits of seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s
Features Cristina Rodriguez / Mind&Melody | August 8, 2022


AARP: 13 Free or Low-Cost Things You Can Do Now to Deal With Loneliness
Includes Dana Griffin / Elders & Noelle Marcus / Nesterly | June 27, 2022


NEWS 12: Our Lives: Dr. Cynthia Barnett – Encouraging STEM careers for young women of color
Includes Dr. Cynthia Barnett | May 22, 2022


THE SUN: Help! I got laid off and I don’t know what to do with myself
Includes Eldera | May 15, 2022


USA TODAY: ‘Uber for eldercare’: New services provide companionship and give caregivers a break
Includes Dana Griffin / Eldera | April 28, 2022


AARP: ‘Memory’ Smartphone Wins Pitch Contest Focusing on Social Isolation
Includes Cristina Rodriguez / Mind&Melody | March 23, 2022


BILLBOARD: How New Orleans’ ‘Be Loud’ Kid-Run Radio Show Is Giving Young Writers a Voice
Features Alex Owens / Be Loud | March 16, 2022


SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER: How to teach Gen Z to have real conversations with older adults
Includes Alivia Schaffer / Dance Generators | March 14, 2022


THE Washington Post: The new Golden Girls: Baby boomers are moving in together to save money
Includes Nesterly | February 25, 2022


Includes Sherreta Harrison / MetroMorphosis | February 16, 2022


SHOUTOUT MIAMI: Meet Cristina Rodriguez | Social Entrepreneur | President & Co-Founder of Mind&Melody
Features Cristina Rodriguez / Mind&Melody | January 20, 2022


AFRO NEWS: Nonprofit Lori’s Hands Helps foster intergenerational exchanges in Baltimore
Features Sarah LaFave / Lori’s Hands | January 19, 2022


GREENBIZ: UC Berkeley hatches a new talent pool for the food industry
Features Samantha Derrick / Plant Futures | January 13, 2022


THE CHRONICLE OF PHILANTHROPY: Foundation Takes Aim at Social Isolation
Includes Sarah LaFave / Lori’s Hands | January 11, 2022


AARP: Feeling Lonely? Try Connecting With a Kid
Includes Big & Mini and Eldera | January 3, 2022


NBC10: College Students Deliver Thanksgiving Meals to Chronically Ill and Homebound Del. Residents
Features Sarah LaFave / Lori’s Hands | November 24, 2021


NEWARK POST: Lori’s Hands delivers Thanksgiving meals to chronically ill Newarkers
Features Sarah LaFave / Lori’s Hands | November 24, 2021


KQED: ‘Artists & Elders’ Project Inspires Art and Friendship Across Generations
Features Rowena Richie / For You | November 17, 2021


NEWARK POST: Lori’s Hands provides much-needed help, companionship to chronically ill Newarkers
Features Sarah LaFave / Lori’s Hands | October 31, 2021


NEXT AVENUE: 15 Inspiring People Uniting the Generations
Features Cristina Rodriguez, Joe Bubman and Sandra Harris | October 15, 2021


PROTOCOL: VCs aren’t paying attention to nonprofit tech. They should be.
Includes Sherreta Harrison / MetroMorphosis | October 7, 2021


AARPWI: September is Intergenerational Month
Includes Grandpas United, Eldera, For You, and more | September 2, 2021


NEXT AVENUE: The Power of Intergenerational Connections to Reduce Loneliness
Includes Dana Griffin / Eldera | August 31, 2021


NEXT AVENUE: 10 Choices That Can Help You Live Longer
Includes Dana Griffin / Eldera | August 27, 2021


NEWSWEEK: Mandy Patinkin Tearfully Explains ‘The Princess Bride’ Link To His Own Father
Includes The Dinner Party | August 25, 2021


SECOND ACTS: Grandfathers bridging the decades to help kids
Includes Jim Isenberg / Grandpas United | August 15, 2021


NOLA.COM: Meet Gambit’s 40 under 40 class of 2021
Includes Alex Owens / Be Loud Studios | July 26, 2021


NEXT AVENUE: Looking for a Healthy Boost? Make New Friends.
Includes Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL | July 23, 2021


FORBES: Experts Explain The Shift Toward An Intergenerational Mindset, Citing TikTok As An Example
Includes Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL | June 30, 2021


WESTCHESTER MAGAZINE: Westchester Grandpas Mentor Local Youths Through Grandpas United
Features Grandpas United | June 26, 2021


WHAS11: New intergenerational housing program launches in Louisville
Features Noelle Marcus / Nesterly | June 17, 2021


LOHUD: White Plains Youth Bureau program wins national award; ‘Grandpas’ mentor at-risk youth
Features Grandpas United | June 17, 2021


CBS: Teachers wary of new laws limiting instruction on race
Includes Brittany T. Paschall | June 12, 2021


SSIR: Rebuilding an Age-Integrated Society
Includes Big & Mini | June 7, 2021


THE WASHINGTON POST: The cure for pandemic loneliness? Friends of a different generation.
Includes Big & Mini | June 3, 2021


AGEIST: Real Life Story of Intergenerational Mentoring for Men and Women
Written by Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL | June 2, 2021


SSIR: Four Ways to Age-Integrate National Service
Includes Stockton Service Corps | June 1, 2021


THEATRE BAY AREA: Bay Area Artists Reach Across Social Distance to Connect with Elders
Features For You | May 27, 2021


MARKETWATCH: Why someone 30 years older than you — or younger — could be the key to your next job
Includes Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL | May 24, 2021


GROWING BOLDER: Growing Bolder: Author Carl Honoré; Mentorship Advocate Dana Griffin; Motivational Speaker Dr. James Smith Jr.
Includes Dana Griffin / Eldera | May 2, 2021


FORBES: Recruiting Actions Companies Need To Take Now To Improve Workplace Inclusion
Includes Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL | April 28, 2021


NEXT AVENUE: Age Segregation, Loneliness and Addiction: Why Aren’t We Connecting the Dots?
Includes Sacred Design Lab | April 23, 2021


MIAMI UNIVERSITY: Dr. Elizabeth ‘Like’ Lokon Selected to Fulbright Scholars Program
Includes Elizabeth Loken / OMA | April 19, 2021


Includes Nesterly | April 9, 2021


SSIR: Solving the Loneliness Epidemic, Two Generations at a Time
Includes Aditi Merchant / Big & Mini | March 29, 2021


Written by Rowena Richie / For You | March 29, 2021


BADASS WOMEN: Intergenerational Connection: Grow and Diversify with Charlotte Japp
Features Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL  | March 23, 2021


ORANGE COUNTRY REGISTER: How COVID-19 is affecting aging and retirement today and into the future
Includes Eldera | March 14, 2021


MIAMI UNIVERSITY: Miami recognized as Age-Friendly University
Includes Elizabeth Lokon / OMA | March 11, 2021


AARP: 15 Lessons the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taught Us
Includes Nesterly | March 4, 2021


THE ART OF AGING: Episode 9: Opening Minds Through Art – Using Art to Bring Joy to People with Dementia
Features Elizabeth Lokon / OMA | March 4, 2021


THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Power of Friendship Across Generations
Includes Big & Mini | March 2, 2021


THE NEW YORK TIMES: These 5 Teenagers Managed to Volunteer This Year. Here’s How.
Includes Big & Mini | February 26, 2021


FORBES: Growing Success For HBCU Graduates In The Jobs Market
Includes Charlotte Japp / Cirkel | February 15, 2021


FORBES: How One Entrepreneur Is Turning Intergenerational Relationships Into Organizational Success
Features Charlotte Japp / Cirkel | February 9, 2021


UNSCRIPTED WITH BRIANA CONNER: Black History Month with Brittany Paschall and Chris Lea
Includes Brittany Paschall / We Remember Nashville | February 3, 2021


GREATER GOOD SCIENCE CENTER: Is Dialogue Enough to Bridge Racial Divides?
Written by Lennon Flowers / The Dinner Party | February 1, 2021


REWIRE: I Made a New Friend During COVID. She’s 60.
Includes Big & Mini | January 27, 2021


THE NEW MID: The Importance of Gen2Gen Relationships
Includes Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL | January 18, 2021


THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: How the senior living industry can heal itself and all of us
Includes For You | January 10, 2021


MARKETWATCH: What is the secret to aging well?
Includes Big & Mini | January 2, 2021


NEXT AVENUE: Eldera: The New Global Intergenerational Mentoring Program
Features Dana Griffin / Eldera | December 24, 2020


GOOD MORNING AMERICA: Throwing a dinner party for people coping with loss and grief
Features Lennon Flowers / The Dinner Party | December 11, 2020


MEDIUM: Spotlight on Social Connection
Includes CIRKEL and Nesterly | Dec 10, 2020


HYDE PARK HERALD: Court Theatre and For You join forces for ‘Artists & Elders’
Features For You | Dec 8, 2020


GROWING BOLDER: Carl Honoré, Dana Griffin, Dr. James Smith Jr.
Includes Dana Griffin / Eldera | Dec 6, 2020


WBUR: COVID-19 Will Change How We Age, Where We Age And How We Pay For It
Includes Eldera and Table Wisdom | December 3, 2020


FORBES: Charlotte Japp Gets Older And Younger Professionals To Network Together
Features Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL | Dec 3, 2020


UT NEWS: This Longhorn Startup Is Bridging the Generation Gap to Combat Loneliness
Includes Aditi Merchant / Big & Mini | November 24, 2020


THE NEW YORK TIMES: Abandon Your Thanksgiving Script
Includes Lennon Flowers / The Dinner Party | November 22, 2020


Includes Rowena Richie / For You | Nov 20, 2020


BLUE AVOCADO: Five Examples of Gen Z Innovators Tackling Social Isolation
Includes Aditi Merchant / Big & Mini | Nov 19, 2020


BUSINESS INSIDER: 24 entrepreneurs quit their corporate jobs to start their own companies
Includes Dana Griffin / Eldera | Nov 18, 2020


GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: There’s a Dinner Party Group That Encourages People to Talk About Their Grief
Features Lennon Flowers / The Dinner Party | Nov 17, 2020


NEXT AVENUE: 2020 Influencers in Aging
Includes Charlotte Japp / Cirkel | Nov 17, 2020


CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Only ‘For You’: A match-making program at Court Theatre pairs up artists and seniors
Features For You | Nov 4, 2020


BOSTON.GOV: Mayor Walsh Announces Good Neighbors Program Fulfills More Than 4,500 Requests
Includes Noelle Marcus / Nesterly | October 26, 2020


SENATOR SHELLEY MAYER FACEBOOK PAGE: State Senate Proclamation Presented to Jim Isenberg
Features Jim Isenberg / Grandpas United | October 16, 2020


AUSTIN INNO: On the rise: Meet Austin Inno’s 25 Under 25
Includes Aditi Merchant / Big & Mini | October 5, 2020


BATON ROUGE DRUM ROLL: MetroMorphosis’s Sherreta Harris wins Gen2Gen Innovation Fellowship
Features Sherreta Harris / MetroMorphosis | September 27, 2020


SWAGHER MAGAZINE: Baton Rouge Native Wins Gen2Gen Innovation Fellowship
Features Sherreta Harris / MetroMorphosis | September 25, 2020


Written by Rowena Richie / For You | September 16, 2020


NEW ORLEANS PUBLIC RADIO: ‘This Is What Makes Me Happy’: Young DJs Amplify Black Joy
Includes Alex Owens / Be Loud Studios | September 16, 2020


THE ATLANTIC: Grandparents Could Ease the Burden of Homeschooling
Includes Dana Griffin / Eldera | September 10, 2020


NEW YORK TIMES: God is Dead. So is the Office. These People Want to Save Both
Includes Sue Phillips / Sacred Design Lab | August 28, 2020


THE BEACON: Help from healthcare students
Includes Sarah LaFave / Lori’s Hands | August 17, 2020


THE TODAY SHOW: Online platform connects teens and seniors to form unlikely friendships
Includes Aditi Merchant / Big & Mini | July 24, 2020


SCRIPPS: Online Learning with OMA
Includes Elizabeth Lokon / Opening Minds through Art | July 13, 2020


FORBES: 5 People Finding Purpose by Sharing Wisdom Virtually
Includes Grandpas United | June 26, 2020


SF CHRONICLE: ‘For You’ set out to have artists make gifts for seniors. The real gift? The seniors themselves
Includes Rowena Richie / For You | June 23, 2020


KIPLINGER: How to Transition into Retirement
Includes Charlotte Japp / CIRKEL | May 18, 2020


BOSTON.GOV: City launches new COVID-19 volunteer platform with Nesterly
Includes Noelle Marcus / Nesterly | April 21, 2020


CNBC: How to cope with grief during the COVID-19 pandemic
Includes Lennon Flowers / The Dinner Party | April 10, 2020

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