Encore Fellows™ Program

The Texas Program covers Houston, Austin and Dallas.

Encore Fellow Application

Submit online Fellow application, with qualifications and resume.

Host Application

Submit online Host application, with description of one or more Fellowship positions.

The Texas Program accepts applications for fellow candidates
and nonprofit work hosts year round.

For more information, contact Texas Program Director, Darlene Johnson.

Screening and Selection Process

Encore.org staff screen Fellow applications, assessing qualifications and fit with proposed Fellowship positions. Factors include:

Skills, abilities and expertise to advance the work and social impact of the Host Organization
Commitment and demonstrated interest in the Fellowship assignment, including prior involvement in nonprofit or community work
Adaptability and readiness to make the switch from the private sector to the social impact sector
Suitability and strong fit between the fellow’s skills, personal goals and attributes, and the hosts’s mission, culture, organizational structure and staff

Host organizations interview Fellow candidates that have been screened and vetted by the encore.org program staff as a potential fits with Fellowship positions.

Match made by mutual decision of Host and Fellow, with final approval by the local Fellows program staff.

Note: Due to the high number of applications and limited fellowship opportunities, it is a selective process.  Although not all applicants will be contacted, your application will be kept on file for future opportunities.

About Encore Fellows™

Fellowships match highly skilled, experienced professionals at the end of their midlife careers with social-purpose organizations in need of capacity building. During the Fellowship (typically six to twelve months, half to full-time). Fellows commit to 1,000 hours of work and earn a stipend of $20,000.

Typical functional backgrounds for fellows and the project areas they can contribute to:

  • Marketing/communications – brand management, messaging and public relations
  • Information technology – hardware, software and cloud computing technology planning, implementation and maintenance
  • Human resources policies – systems and structures, staff development and coaching
  • Legal issues – structure, contracts, tax, employment and intellectual property
  • Financial management – accounting, business processes, budgeting, forecasting, and cost modeling
  • Sales/business development – policies and strategies, fundraising and target donor identification
  • Strategic planning – scaling, partnerships, deployment and board recruitment
  • Operations and performance management – planning, coordination and analysis
  • Project/program management – change initiatives, new ventures or expansion
  • Technical specialists – specific skills, e.g., engineering, statistics
  • Facilities and construction management – including design and project management, facility maintenance and administration

About Host Organizations

Fellows bring a wealth of skills and life experience that can have a lasting impact for hosts. Frequently, a Fellow’s contribution goes beyond the specific work assignment. Many become role models for staff, executive coaches or mentors. Fellows come with  maturity and experience in analytical thinking, management and operations.

The cost for a nonprofit to participate in the Texas Encore Fellows™ Program as a host is typically $25,000 ($20,000 for the Fellow stipend plus a $5,000 program participation fee).

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