San Francisco Bay Area Encore Fellows Program

The San Francisco Bay Area program consists of a Silicon Valley and a San Francisco/ East Bay Program. Launched by in 2009,  the Encore Fellows in the flagship program have delivered close to 200,000 hours of high impact work to local nonprofits.

Silicon Valley Encore Fellows

Encore Fellowships match highly skilled, experienced professionals at the end of their midlife careers with social purpose organizations where they help nonprofits build their capacity.

Fellows bring a wealth of skills and life experience to their nonprofit hosts that can have a lasting impact. Frequently, a Fellow’s contribution goes far beyond their specific work assignment. Many become role models for other staff members and evolve into executive coaches and mentors in their organizations. The Fellows’ backgrounds and years of experience bring analytical thinking, management and operational expertise and maturity that strengthen the nonprofits in which they work.

During the Fellowship period (typically six to twelve months, half to full-time), Fellows commit to 1,000 hours of work at a nonprofit and earn a stipend of $25,000. In return, they are embedded as part of the nonprofit staff. The process of selection and matching is competitive focused on finding the best possible mutual match for both the nonprofit work host and the fellow candidate.

The cost for a nonprofit to participate in the San Francisco Bay Area Encore Fellows Program as a Work Host is $30,000 ($25,000 for the Fellow stipend plus a $5,000 program participation fee).

The Silicon Valley Program covers fellowship opportunities in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties.

The San Francisco/East Bay Program covers fellowship opportunities in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Joaquin and Solano counties.

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The San Francisco Bay Area Encore Fellows Program accepts applications for both fellow candidates and nonprofit work hosts year round. To better meet the needs of nonprofits and the interests and availability of Fellow candidates, the Program moved to a rolling timeline seeking to find the best possible matches between nonprofits and Fellow candidates throughout the year.

Meet Some Recent San Francisco Bay Area Encore Fellows

Ron Susek

Generation Citizen, San Francisco, California
Encore Fellow 2018

Ron Susek brings more than 20 years of strategy and operations work experience in industry and management consulting to his Encore Fellowship with Generation Citizen. Ron has a deep passion for youth education and closing the opportunity gap for low income and underrepresented students. He joins Generation Citizen, an organization focused on “Action Civics” education to enable all students to actively participate in our democracy. During his Encore Fellowship, Ron will work in partnership with and Generation Citizen to design and manage a national pilot program to expand Generation Citizen’s volunteer engagement and geographic reach.

Visit the Generation Citizen's website

Jeffrey Fox

RAFT-Resource Area for Teaching, San Jose, California
Encore Fellow 2017

Jeff Fox is applying his 44 years of experience as an engineer and manager in the semiconductor industry most recently with Intel in his Encore Fellowship with Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT). In his Fellowship role as education and operations liaison, Jeff is applying his knowledge, skills and experience to RAFT’s mission of helping educators transform the learning experience through “hands-on” education.

Visit the RAFT-Resource Area for Teaching's website

Carrie Knapp

College Track, Oakland, California
Encore Fellow 2016

Carrie spent over 30 years as an HR executive in financial corporations. For her fellowship,, she will work to establish a long-term vision and build short-term capacity for College Track by creating a multi-year strategy for building both the HR programs and the HR team that support the organization’s mission and vision for growth. College Track recruits students from underrepresented communities to provide the opportunity to fulfill their potential through a four-year college degree.

Visit the College Track's website

Wayne Ma

Chabot Science and Space, Oakland, California
Encore Fellow 2016

Wayne managed Intel fabrication construction projects for many years around the globe as well as managing teams in the service and manufacturing areas. He will be the IT Fellow at Chabot Space and Science Center, providing a more streamlined and simpler infrastructure for the organization to allow it to nimbly adapt to a changing work environment.,

Visit the Chabot Science and Space's website

James Wagoner

Techbridge Girls, Oakland, California
Encore Fellow 2016

With over 30 years as a senior executive and engineering head at Intel, Jim is working with Techbridge. The goal of the organization is to empower girls to realize their dreams through science, technology, and engineering. Techbridge delivers a suite of programs aimed at teaching girls about engineering and technology and inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM. He will be conducting strategic planning and process improvement analysis and recommendations.

Visit the Techbridge Girls's website
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Augustine Walter

WestEd, Oakland, California
Encore Fellow 2016

Augustine Walter is a management veteran from the Semiconductor Industry with 35 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of computer chips and systems primarily at Intel and IBM. Augustine will be applying his broad management background and passion for organization development to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) development programs at WestEd that will benefit Oakland schools. WestEd is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving education through research, development and service.

Visit the WestEd's website

Derene Allen

Ignite Institute, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
Encore Fellow 2016

Derene worked in international marketing and business, as well as social economic development and developing and implementing social strategies that drove business growth for corporate clients as well as earned income strategies for nonprofits. At the Ignite Institute, she will be working to identify earned-income growth strategies for the school by providing training and consulting. The Institute provides leadership training programs at the intersection of spirituality and social change and works with faith leaders to identify new business models for their organizations.

Visit the Ignite Institute, Pacific School of Religion's website
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Fancy Bryant III

Ile Omode School, Oakland, California
Encore Fellow 2016

After 15 years in hardware and software engineering and data analysis, Fancy is working with Ile Omode School in Oakland as their technical specialist. He will collaborate with the Director to develop short and long-term technical road maps for the school to provide an actionable plan for sustaining, deploying, and engaging current and future technical resources. He will also take full responsibility for student technology, notably desktop and mobile devices, to ensure functionality and correct use. The school is an. independent, private school which supports low-income to middle-income families seeking a better quality educational experience for their children.

Visit the Ile Omode School's website
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Teresa Carstens

Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, San Jose, CA
Encore Fellow 2017

Teresa Carstens is a senior marketing professional with extensive marketing experience and finance working at Hewlett-Packard and other high tech companies. Teresa’s Encore Fellowship is with Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Second Harvest Food Bank is one of the largest food banks in the nation, providing food to more than one quarter of a million people every month. Teresa will develop a volunteer program to attract and retain volunteers for skill-based opportunities during her fellowship

Visit the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties's website

Scott Wicht

UC Davis Hopland Research and Extension Center, Hopland, California
Encore Fellow 2016

Scott is leveraging his 36 years in R&D and his keen interest in wildlife management issues to create an innovative technical solution to a persistent challenge: tracking grazing sheep. He will work for the UC Davis Hopland Research and Extension Center which seeks through science to find better ways to manage natural resources and conduct sustainable agricultural practices, for the benefit of California’s citizens.

Visit the UC Davis Hopland Research and Extension Center's website
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John Benoit

Downtown College Prep, San Jose, California
Encore Fellow 2017

John Benoit is utilizing his engineering and problem-solving skills developed over 27 years at Intel in his Encore Fellowship with Downtown College Prep (DCP). DCP was the first charter high school in Silicon Valley and one of a few schools to believe that all students, regardless of prior academic achievement, can and should be prepared for college success. During his Encore Fellowship, John is providing engineering support for DCP’s High School Engineering Design program and Middle School STEM Program.

Visit the Downtown College Prep's website

Donna Hope

LifeMoves, Menlo Park, California
Encore Fellow 2016

Donna Hope is an experienced administrator and educator in the East Bay and Silicon Valley where she worked for over 35 years advocating for English Language Learners and student’s emotional well-being. Donna joined LifeMoves dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals throughout Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula return to self-sufficiency and permanent housing. During her fellowship, Donna will leverage her leadership and management skills along with her experience in diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic environments to direct LifeMoves’ broad base of volunteers.

Visit the LifeMoves's website

Mary H. Byler

The Family Giving Tree, Milpitas, California
Encore Fellow 2016

Mary H. Byler is a Stanford Certified Project Manager with 30+ years of experience at Hewlett-Packard where she directed numerous cross-functional teams in creating and delivering Information Technology, Software, Services and Manufacturing programs. Mary’s Encore Fellowship was with The Family Giving Tree. The Family Giving Tree fulfills holiday wishes and provides backpacks filled with school supplies to high need children. In her Encore Fellowship, Mary is assisting integrating and implementing a significant software upgrade to Family Giving Tree’s current database platform.

Visit the The Family Giving Tree's website

Randi Rosen

Bill Wilson Center, Santa Clara, California
Encore Fellow 2016

Randi Rosen brings over 30 years of Operational Management and Program Management experience at Intel Corporation to her Encore Fellowship at Bill Wilson Center (BWC). BWC serves youth and their families through counseling, housing, advocacy, and education. Randi is applying her skills to enhance process improvements across the agency including performance quality improvement processes.

Visit the Bill Wilson Center's website

Maria Biggs

City of San Jose, San Jose, California
Encore Fellow 2017

Maria Biggs is a senior business professional with a technology background and extensive marketing
experience working with large enterprise and startup tech companies. Maria is applying her skills in
strategic partnerships, marketing, and program management in her Encore Fellowship with the City of
San Jose where she is working on Volunteer Policy, Procedure and Program Development.

Visit the City of San Jose's website

Deborah Henken, San Francisco, California
Encore Fellow 2017

Deborah will be using her 30 years experience building marketing organizations and strategies for non-profit organizations, educational institutions and high tech companies such as HP and Cisco for Deborah is utilizing her experience and skills to increase awareness and demand for the Encore Fellowship Network with sponsors, social-impact organizations and with experienced adults desiring to transition into social impact positions.

Visit the's website

Adita Corrales

Playworks, Campbell, CA
Encore Fellow 2017

Adita Corrales will be applying her experience and expertise honed over a 26-year career at Intel in her
Encore Fellowship with Playworks. Playworks connects recess to a positive school experience and
believes in the unique ability of play to bring out the best in children by providing opportunities to learn
teamwork and conflict resolution skills. During her Encore Fellowship, Adita will be using her
administrative, organizational and computer skills in her role as Playworks operations manager.

Visit the Playworks's website

Brad Maihack

ZERO1, San Jose, CA
Encore Fellow 2016

Brad Maihack is a retired executive from Hewlett-Packard where he held a wide range of Financial and
Business Operations leadership positions across many of its businesses. In his most recent role as the
Worldwide Director of Business Operations and Programs, Brad helped expand HP’s presence in the
Cloud Computing market. Brad’s Encore Fellowship is with ZERO1 which presents some of the world’s
most innovative artists working at the intersection of science and technology to develop a
strategic business development plan. He has been asked to become ZERO1’s Interim Executive Director.

Visit the ZERO1's website

Bob Crum

First 5 of Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA
Encore Fellow 2017

Bob Crum is a veteran of the technology industry with 40 years of sales and marketing experience in
computer and communications at HP, Sun and Cisco. In addition, he has startup experience with a small
Dutch company bringing their business to the US, and is the sole proprietor of his own micro-publishing
business. Bob’s Encore Fellowship is with First 5 of Santa Clara County, where he will be implementing
Encore’s Generation to Generation program, tapping age 50+ volunteers to participate in early
childhood education programs.

Visit the First 5 of Santa Clara County's website
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