Start an Encore Fellowships Program

“The Encore Fellowships Program is a “win win” for all involved.  Social purpose organizations have access to an incredible talent pool who bring a fresh set of eyes and enthusiasm.  Encore Fellows find meaning and purpose using their skills to make a difference.  It’s a life changing experience for all.”               Judy Bamberger,  Encore Fellows Program Manager, SVP Los Angeles

Why Start A Program focuses on a powerful, timely question: How can society best tap the talent, skills and time of experienced professionals to solve significant social problems and make life better for future generations?

The Encore Fellowships meet the challenge by leveraging the time and talent of midlife, seasoned professionals in 6-12 month paid assignments at social-purpose organizations.

A national network of local and regional organizations operate as Program Operators and offer Encore Fellowships programs as a critically important offering to their current suite of services to provide access to highly skilled resources for their client organizations, building capacity and transforming communities.

Aspiranet has brought the Encore Fellowships program in-house in order to harness the power of Encore Fellows throughout their organization.

Lasting Community Impact

As a program operator of the Encore Fellowship Network, you will:

  • Provide hundreds of nonprofits with added capacity and talent to achieve their missions at a fraction of the market rate.
  • Bring an enormous resource of skills, expertise and talent to contribute to long-lasting cultural change and social progress.
  • Provide an opportunity for individuals to explore how their business experience can translate to work in social impact settings.


“The Encore Fellowship Program has provided hundreds of nonprofits with professionals who bring maturity, expertise and energy to significantly enhance the management infrastructure of social purpose organizations.”

 Steve Maser, Encore Fellows Program Manager, SVP Portland

What do Program Operators Do

Encore Fellowships Network program operators employ Encore Fellows to support the needs of nonprofits in the community.

  • Engage local social sector organizations that need skilled talent to build their organizational capacity
  • Identify skilled professionals interested in Encore Fellowships
  • Match host organizations with Encore Fellowship applicants who have the needed skills and experience
  • Provide training, support and resources to both organizations and individuals to ensure the matches are successful.
  • Offer professional development support and networking opportunities for Encore Fellows


How Does The Encore Fellowships Network Support You

Program operators receive:

• Set-up services to successfully launch an Encore Fellows program

• Network convenings, including annual program operator conference

• Best practice sharing, including monthly “community of practice” webinars

• National Town Hall webinars to aid in fellows’ professional development

• License to EFMatch platform to manage matching of fellows

• Technical support for EFMatch and other online tools

• Marketing materials targeting potential Fellows, social impact organizations and sponsors

• Templates and documentation for grant applications, fellowship position descriptions, presentations, and other materials useful in building your Encore Fellowships program

• Research (sponsored or developed by, demonstrating the impact and value of Encore Fellowships


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