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Corporations and Foundations Invest in Fellows

Corporations and foundations provide financial support for Encore Fellowships to bring a new source of experienced talent to solve social challenges. Funders have supported:

  • Strategic expansion: David & Lucile Packard Foundation, the May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust, the California HealthCare Foundation, the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, HP, the Robin Hood Foundation, Eisner Foundation, and Petsmart Charities.
  • Direct program expansion and fellow stipends: Intel Corporation, IBM, HP, Keysight Technologies, Qualcomm and other companies.

How Corporate Sponsors Benefit

Encore Fellowships give companies a proven way to contribute to their communities and support employees transitioning to their next chapter.

  • Employee engagement. Encore Fellowships offer a proven, high-quality experience for valued employees at the end of their corporate careers who are interested in exploring new careers in the nonprofit or public sector. The Fellowships fit well within company retirement benefit, early retirement, employee transition and corporate social responsibility programs.
  • Community engagement. Encore Fellowships provide a unique opportunity for corporations to leverage corporate social responsibility and community relations efforts by sponsoring seasoned employees who bring decades of training, education, and on the job experience to their fellowship and are strong ambassadors for the company in the community.
  • Market engagement. Encore Fellowships allow companies to target specific sectors associated with their customer base, such as education, health care, the environment, arts and culture, animal protection, or the boomer market itself.

Intel Human Resources

“Encore Fellowships have helped our retiring employees explore their next stage of life and re-imagine retirement.”

Intel offers Encore Fellowships to all of its US-based, retirement-eligible employees. Since 2011, over 1,000 Intel employees have become Encore Fellows™, resulting in community impact, public goodwill, and an encore pathway for transitioning Intel employees.

How Your Company can Partner with Us

  • Consider Fellowship options. Talk to us to learn more about the Fellowship model best suited to your company. Options include the standard Encore Fellowship program or a customized program that is aligned with your brand, employee base and market positioning.
  • Test drive with a pilot program. Develop and refine the program model best suited to your corporation by launching a small pilot program with our support. Pilots help create executive and employee buy-in, showcase value and help refine the program for company-wide rollout.
  • Launch company-wide program. Work closely with our experienced Encore Fellowships team on a smooth launch and implementation of a company-wide Fellowship program.

Why Corporations Partner with Our Program

  • Low Cost: Proven and popular retirement benefit with high ROI for limited administrative effort and cost
  • Effective Matches: Matching technology that ensures a strong fit between individuals’ sense of passion and purpose and nonprofit needs
  • National Scope: National network of program operators
  • Social responsibility: Complements existing programs, including volunteer opportunities
  • Motivational tool: Attracts new purpose-driven employees
  • Reputation for innovation and giving back: Burnishes corporations’ standing in the community

Foundation Sponsor Perspective

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

 “We’re funding the Encore Fellows™ because it’s opening up a whole new set of leaders to contribute to the environment, to children and to our communities.”

How Foundations Benefit

Encore Fellowships offer community, corporate, and private foundations a way to increase the effectiveness of the organizations they support in their communities for short term projects and for the long term – by leveraging encore talent and leadership in HR, IT, marketing, finance, strategic planning and other areas.

  • According to 2015-2018 Encore Fellow evaluations, nearly 70% of Fellows indicated that as a result of their experience, they planned to continue to work in the social sector.
  • An Encore Fellow Alumni 2018 survey found that close to 60% of Fellows continued to work for their host organization or another social sector organization after their Fellowship ended, an additional 8% consulted with organizations in the sector, and 9% served on a board of a nonprofit in their communities.

Examples of sponsored programs include:

  • Community-based project: In New York City, the Robin Hood Foundation has sponsored Encore Fellowships to help build the capacity of nonprofits that are working to elevate living standards for New Yorkers living in poverty.
  • City-based project: In 2017, 8 Encore Fellows™ provided services to the City of San Jose, California. At the City Manager’s office, an Encore Fellow developed a framework of policies, procedures and tools to guide overall management of diverse city-wide volunteer programs. In the Mayor’s office, Fellows created advisory boards, guided implementation of a technology SCRUM initiative, and promoted inter-generational work that leveraged Encore.org’s Generation to Generation campaign.


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