Start or Sponsor an Encore Fellowships Program created the Encore Fellowships Network to make it as easy as possible for you to start, sponsor or operate an effective Encore Fellowships program in your community or organization. We are committed to providing you with information, tools and connections that will make the design, launch and operation of your Encore Fellowships program as simple and efficient as possible.

Where to begin

Three conditions are essential prerequisites to implement a high-impact Encore Fellowships program:

1. Clear purpose. You have a clear purpose for the program that is aligned with the mission of your organization.
2. Committed leadership. The proposed program has committed
leadership and partner organizations.
3. Sustainable funding. You are able to put in place a sustainable funding model for stipends and program administration.

Download our Encore Fellowships Program Creation Guide.

How Sponsors Benefit


Encore Fellowships program sponsors realize a variety of benefits:

  • Community engagement. Corporations and foundations have long been important supporters of community-based nonprofits. Encore Fellowships provide unique opportunities for grantors to provide direct, high-leverage assistance to the organizations they support.
  • Employee/member engagement. Encore Fellowships can be an attractive option for people transitioning from midlife careers to encore careers. A fellowship option can fit well with other programs such as early retirement, volunteerism or career-transition services.
  • Market engagement. Most leading corporations have found ways to leverage their social responsibility efforts with their core business mission. Encore Fellowships allow companies to target specific sectors that are most relevant to their customers, such as education, health care, environment, arts and culture or even the baby boomer market itself.


A Founding Sponsor

Carol Larson, CEO of The David & Lucile Packard Foundation, speaks about why they support the Encore Fellowships Network. The Packard Foundation was the founding sponsor of the original 2009 Silicon Valley Encore Fellows program.

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Encore Fellows in Grantee Organizations

Sophia Chang, a physician and Vice-President of Programs at the California HealthCare Foundation, discusses how Encore Fellows are helping community health clinics run more efficiently.

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A Corporate Sponsor's Story

Intel Corporation offers a variety of Encore programs to its retirement-eligible employees across the country. By the end of 2016, over 900 retiring Intel employees will have been placed as Encore Fellows, exceeding expectations in terms of employee participation, community impact and public goodwill.

Watch more Encore Fellowships videos

How to Start an Encore Fellowships Program

We have created a simple set of resources to help organizations design, organize and operate their own Encore Fellowships programs. The Program Creation Guide will help you define and create a work plan for a new Encore Fellowships program.

The guide will help you:

  1. Define the program
  2. Create a resource plan
  3. Create a funding plan
  4. Create a project plan

Additional tools and resources referenced in the Guide can be found in our Programs Community wiki. To join our Programs Community, please contact us using the form provided.

Download our Encore Fellowships Program Creation Guide here.

What Encore Fellows Do

Encore Fellows bring a wide variety of highly transferable skills that can have a huge impact in the organizations that host them. Typical functional backgrounds for fellows and the project areas they relate to include:

  • Marketing/communications, brand management, messaging and public relations
  • Information technology, most aspects of hardware, software and cloud computing technology planning, implementation and maintenance
  • Human resources policies, systems and structures, staff development and coaching
  • Legal issues, such as structure, contracts, tax, employment and intellectual property
  • Financial management, including accounting, business processes, budgeting, forecasting, and cost modeling
  • Sales/business development, policies and strategies, fundraising initiatives and target donor identification
  • Strategic planning, scaling initiatives, partnerships, deployment and board recruitment
  • Operations and performance management planning, coordination and analysis
  • Project/program management for change initiatives, a new venture or expansion
  • Technical specialists in specific skill areas such as engineering and statistics
  • Facilities and construction management, including design and project management, facility maintenance and administration

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