Encore Fellows™ Program and IBM have partnered to create a unique program for eligible IBM employees interested in transitioning to social purpose work and contributing to their community. Crafted to provide nonprofits and social impact organizations access to skilled, experienced talent, the IBM Encore Fellows™ program can help you quickly build organizational capacity.

The IBM Encore Fellows™ Program provides a way to link the needs of the community with the experience and expertise of longstanding IBM talent.

The IBM Encore Fellows™ Program details

  • Encore Fellowships available in select IBM cities beginning in June 2019.
  • IBM Encore Fellows™ commit to full-time work with the social impact organization.
  • IBM sponsors 100% of the Encore Fellowship. There is no cost to the organization for this valuable resource.
  • The Fellowship match is based on mutual agreement of the nonprofit host and the IBM Encore Fellow candidate.


Once a nonprofit organization applies to host an IBM Encore Fellow, a program director will coordinate the interview and matching processes for Fellowship opportunities. Working closely with the organization and the fellow candidate, the program director carefully matches eligible employees to ensure a cultural and skills-based fit.  Fellow applicants are screened for commitment, flexibility, and ability to make an impact. Matches are based on mutual agreement only.


IBM alumni bring a wealth of practical experience to this effort including expertise in program and project management, marketing and communications, information technology, HR, finance, engineering, admin and facilities – skills that are in high demand and can have a major impact on nonprofit organizations.


Encore Fellows™ have logged close to 2 million hours of work in social purpose organizations across the country.  Join us and bring highly valued workplace skills, expertise, and life experience to your social purpose organization.

Over 95% of the nonprofits stated the Fellowship engagement had an enduring impact on their organization.

Over 90% of IBM Encore Fellows™ stated they are more likely to pursue work with a nonprofit as a result of the Fellowship and have developed connections to do so.

Host Application

Submit your application to be an Encore Fellow work host.

Meet Some Recent IBM Fellows

Diann Farnsley

IBM Encore Fellow Diann Farnsley standardized templates for fund-raising and wrote state grants for the Conservation Corps of the Forgotten Coast, a youth development program of Franklin’s Promise Coalition, Port St. Joe, Florida.

“The Fellowship has greatly expanded our ability to perform our mission. Diann created new relationships with funding organizations. She was instrumental in preparing seven applications and to date has assisted with securing over $30,000 in grants for the Conservation Corps of the Forgotten Coast. Joe Taylor, Executive Director, Franklin’s Promise Coalition

Steve Rubin

IBM Encore Fellow Steve Rubin worked with the development team on their business processes and their challenges in dealing with data, customized Salesforce features to run fundraising operations more efficiently, automated reports, and built and deployed the integration with their online fundraising platform, building ways to bring a lot of data into Special Olympics in one single place. He also worked on helping organize the data and processes around sports teams and tournaments, taking some processes from a 2 1/2 hour manual process to ten minutes with technology. “The Senior Vice President told me, ‘If you do nothing else for your whole fellowship, it’s worth it just for this,‘ and it felt great  to hear that. ”

Kevin Vericker

Kevin Vericker worked for the City of Miami as an IBM Encore Fellow. Vericker’s work with the city focused on helping to increase high school graduation rates and post-secondary access in five general studies high schools in Miami. He applied his expertise in data measurement and community outreach to the Education Success Initiative, sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Cities of Service, and executed by the City of Miami. It was the first full-scale municipal deployment in Miami,  joining together the many community groups that support at risk youth in their journey to on-time high school graduation.  It introduced the concept of Partners in Service– the many community groups involved in education were for the first time able to meet collectively and focus on the goals of a well educated Miami. The City of Miami asked Kevin to stay to transition the project to a new incoming administration and then to lead an internal marketing initiative to promote the value of Miami’s Information Technology Department.

“Encore’s program with IBM made what could have been a difficult transition, an exciting and safe opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge to a citywide project to improve educational outcomes. Encore opened a new and bright avenue of possibilities and I will continue combining my passion for community service with my knowledge of technology, marketing and government in my next career.”

“Kevin is a true professional who hit the ground running. His fast understanding of the needs of our educational initiatives and willingness to learn and adapt to the needs of their implementation have made a positive difference.” Raul Hernandez, City of Miami, Chief Service Officer

Tim Haville

Tim Haville, a veteran of over 30 years experience in software engineering and product development, recently joined the Social Venture Partners of Denver as part of his Encore Fellowship. Tim had previously been a Director of Software Engineering for over 10 years and so was able to apply ample amounts of that management experience to increasing the operational efficiency of SVP. In particular, he adapted his Agile expertise to the non-profit and non-technical arena, which appears to be quite novel. Tim has also made significant contributions to many areas of the business.

During his fellowship Tim also worked with the Douglas and Elbert County Task force, where he created an IT strategy for them and, through coaching and training, helped get the most out of their current IT resources.

“The opportunity to be a fellow has been a fantastic experience. Not only have I confirmed that my commercial skills are in demand and highly transferable, but I have also been able to open my eyes to the sheer scale of need that exists in our community”.

Sara Bowersox

Sara Bowersox worked for the City of Ashton, Idaho, to digitize their archives. As a project manager at IBM, dividing large projects into smaller, more manageable projects, is what she did. She recorded and  digitized the City of Ashton’s more than 100 years of records and uploaded that information onto the internet to preserve an online record of the city.

“Chances were slim that the city could have digitized the records on its own, We might have, but with Sarah, it’s been so much quicker. We wouldn’t have had the time otherwise. It has really been wonderful.” Ashton City Clerk Cathy Stegelmeier

Alfredo (Fred) Gutierrez

Alfredo (Fred) Gutierrez leveraged his experience in product development, IT architecture, consulting, project, program, and people management to work as Project Support Specialist, along with other consultants and the team, to streamline the CRM system and improve processes, at the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. After his fellowship ended, Fred worked for the United Way of Greater Austin after Hurricane Harvey in their 2-1-1 Navigation Center, coordinating with disaster and emergency services and handling calls for disaster, recovery and resource support.

Says Fred, “After 30 years at one company, working in non-profits provided dramatic insight into operations outside of IBM.” 

Luis Rodriguez, CEO, Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce explains,” Having a tenured professional like Alfredo brought tremendous value to our young team.”

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