HP Pilot Program FAQs

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 The Application Process

  1. Who is eligible for the HP Encore Fellows Pilot Program?
    The HP Encore Fellows Pilot Program is available to employees who:
    • Are eligible and participating in the U.S. Phased Retirement Program (PRP),
    • Are based in Palo Alto or Roseville, CA,
    • Are age 55 with 10 years of service,
    • Retire on either  May 31, 2015 or November 30, 2015 and
    • Are not on an Improvement Required and/or Corrective Action Plan
  1. How do I apply for the HP Encore Fellows Pilot Program?
    The first step is to submit a short Statement of Interest, no later than January 16, 2014. Next, you must complete the Encore Fellows online application, which will be due by February 1, 2015. Please note: Encore.org will not release any of the information you provide in the Statement of Interest to any third party, including to HP or your manager. However, if you do apply to the program, Encore.org will ask HP’s Human Resources department to certify your eligibility.
  1. What is the Statement of Interest?
    The Statement of Interest is a short, online form that connects you with the Encore Fellowships team, who can answer questions and provide the information you’ll need to apply to this program. The information you provide is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else, including with HP or your manager.
  1. Am I guaranteed to get an Encore Fellowship?
    Because a limited number of HP-sponsored Encore Fellowships are available, a Fellowship is not guaranteed. The process may be selective and we encourage you to complete a confidential Statement of Interest form right away if you are interested in being considered.
  1. I am interested, but don’t feel comfortable telling people at work I’m thinking of leaving. Is HP notified if I apply or involved in the selection or matching process?
    The initial Statement of Interest form you complete is confidential and will not shared with any third parties, including HP or your manager.If you decide to apply for the program, HP’s Human Resources department will be asked to certify your eligibility. Selection and matching is a joint process among you, the Encore Fellowships program team and prospective host organizations; HP will not be directly involved.
  1. If I’m not selected for the HP program but still want an Encore Fellowship, is there another application process?
    If you apply but are not selected for the HP program, your application will be moved to the general (unsponsored) matching pool for Encore Fellowships in your area. This means that if matched, the stipend would be paid by the nonprofit host with no offsetting sponsorship. As you might imagine, the likelihood of a fellowship is much greater when there is a sponsor.
  1. What are the key dates for the HP Encore Fellows Pilot Program?
    Program announcement………………….Sep. 15, 2014
    Employee info session (Roseville)…….Sep. 23, 2014
    Employee info session (Palo Alto)…….Sep. 24, 2014
    Statement of Interest deadline…………..Jan. 16, 2015
    Application deadline………………………..Feb. 1, 2015
    Retirement date……………………………….May 31 or Nov. 30, 2015
    Fellowship start date………………………..After retirement date

What’s in it for Me?

  1. Why is HP sponsoring this pilot program?
    This pilot builds on HP’s long-term commitment to community engagement and its investment as a founding and continuing sponsor of the award-winning Encore Fellows program.
  1. Why do retirees typically sign up for Encore Fellowships?
    Encore Fellowships are a great way to get involved in your community in a very meaningful way, but with lots of schedule flexibility. During the fellowship period, Encore Fellows complete a high-impact project, earn a stipend, learn new skills and build a network of contacts in a new field.
  1. How is this different than volunteering?
    Encore Fellowships are structured, high-impact assignments with nonprofit organizations that are carefully vetted for need and talent-readiness. Encore Fellows also receive a stipend of $25,000.
  1. I don’t think my skills are applicable to most nonprofits. Will they be interested in someone like me?
    Skills transfer across sectors in ways you may not imagine. Even if your expertise is outside of functions that have direct nonprofit counterparts (for example, HR, IT, accounting), aspects of your work such as project management, data analysis, process improvement, partner development and strategic planning are all in high demand in the social-impact sector.
  1. Can I select (or nominate) a nonprofit organization for my Encore Fellowship assignment?
    Encore Fellowships follow a “mutual match” process, where both the Fellow and the host organization approve the final match. Applicants may suggest people and organizations they are interested in, but the final matches are based on a combination of applicant preference and match criteria that have been found to be good predictors of project success.

The Encore Fellowship

  1. When will I be notified if I am matched as a sponsored Encore Fellow?
    The selection and matching for the HP-sponsored fellowships will take place between June and September of 2015 with notification by early October. (These dates may change depending on number and timing of incoming applications.)
  1. What happens after I’ve been matched with an organization?
    Once you have been matched with an organization, the first step is to jointly define the objectives and scope of your project. Your work host will provide space, equipment, a proper orientation and an executive sponsor for your work. The primary focus is then on a high-impact assignment in your host organization. In addition, you’ll have opportunities throughout the fellowship period to interact with other fellows and to learn more broadly about the sector and career opportunities in social-purpose work.Your start date will be determined jointly by you and they host organizations. However, the fellowship may start no earlier than your retirement date and no later than March 1, 2016.
  1. How long is the Encore employment period? Can it be extended?
    The Encore Fellowship is a commitment to work for 1,000 hours at the host organization. This equates to about half-time for a year, but some fellowships are structured around a 6-month, full-time schedule instead. The exact scheduling depends on the needs and preferences of the fellow and the work host. Upon completion of the fellowship, it is not uncommon for Encore Fellows to stay engaged in some capacity with their host.
  1. Who pays my Encore Fellowship stipend?
    HP will pay half of your stipend to your nonprofit host organization, and the host organization will pay the other half. Your stipend is then paid directly to you by that organization. You will not receive payments directly from HP.
  1. Does Encore provide medical or dental benefits? When do retiree medical benefits begin?
    Encore Fellowships do not normally include medical or dental benefits. Once you retire from HP, you will no longer have access to your employee benefits, such as medical and dental coverage. However, you may be eligible for retiree medical benefits. Please contact the HP Retirement Services Center at Fidelity at 1-800-457-4015, Monday through Friday (excluding New York Stock Exchange holidays) between 5:30 am and 9:00 pm Pacific time for specific benefits information.

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For more information about the HP Encore Fellows pilot program, for yourself or for a colleague, please complete our short, confidential Statement of Interest form:
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