Encore Fellows Program Directory

EFN Expansion Map
Encore Fellows programs are expanding across the U.S.

Encore Fellows have been matched with host organizations across the U.S.

The programs have been supported by a wide range of corporate, foundation and individual supporters and the participating nonprofits. Strategic expansion support has come from the Packard Foundation, IBM, the May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust, the California HealthCare Foundation, the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, Petsmart Charities, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, HP and the Robin Hood Foundation. Program expansion has also been greatly supported by Intel Corporation’s sponsorship of its retiring employees to become Encore Fellows.

Fellowship opportunities are now available in programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Ohio, Oregon, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington.

Apply for an Encore Fellowship by selecting a regional program below.

The network of Encore-affiliated programs continues to expand across the U.S. For more information on starting an Encore Fellows program, go to Start an Encore Fellowships Program.

Encore Fellows Program Directory

Apply for an Encore Fellowship by selecting More> below to learn more about each regional program and apply. Please click here to apply if you do not see a program in your community.

Maricopa County Encore Fellows
Experience Matters manages the Maricopa County Encore Fellowships Program, the largest program in the United States. More >


Aspiranet Encore Fellows
This program matches Encore Fellows within Aspiranet, one of California’s largest social-service agencies providing foster care, adoption, transition-aged youth, intensive home-based, residential, behavioral health, and family and community services. More >


Mission Edge San Diego Encore Fellows
Our Encore Fellows program has launched in 2016 with the support of our corporate partner, Qualcomm Inc. More >


Sacramento and Sierra Region Encore Fellows
American Leadership Forum – Mountain Valley and the Nonprofit Resource Center are collaborating to place Encore Fellows in the Sacramento and Sierra regions. More >


San Francisco Bay Area Encore Fellows
The Silicon Valley and San Francisco/East Bay program continues to deliver high-impact talent to nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area. More >


Social Venture Partners Los Angeles Encore Fellows
We are excited to expand to one of the biggest markets of encore talent and nonprofits in the country. More >

Social Venture Partners Boulder County Encore Fellows
Our newest program serves Boulder County social impact organizations by providing encore talent. More>


ESC New England Encore Fellows
This Executive Service Corps program serves the Greater Boston area. More >


New Mexico
United Way of Central New Mexico Encore Fellows
This program invests human capital resources in the community’s most promising nonprofits. More >


New York
New York Encore Fellows
Opportunities for Fellows continue to expand in Encore.org’s New York program.  More >


BVU, The Center for Nonprofit Excellence
Our Cleveland program takes your passion, skills and experience and matches you with a nonprofit organization to have a broader impact on your community. More >


Social Venture Partners Portland Encore Fellows
Portland was one of the first cities in the nation to create Encore Fellowships for seasoned professionals. More >


Washington State
501 Commons Encore Fellows
Fellowship opportunities, including a Climate Fellowship and an Encore Fellowship in Fundraising, are available with highly effective nonprofits. More >


All Other Locations
If your organization is not located near one of the above-listed Encore-affiliated programs, please apply here. We will work with you to find an Encore Fellow to help meet your organization’s needs wherever you are located in the United States or Canada.