FAQs for Encore Storytellers

Why is Encore.org gathering these stories?

Encore.org’s storytelling website, Stories from the Encore Movement, is using personal stories to create a new narrative for later life, one characterized by individual renewal and social impact.

The myth of older adults clamoring to kick back and live off Social Security to the detriment of younger generations is deeply embedded in our public discourse. Encore.org wants to debunk that myth with first-person narratives by people engaged in “second acts for the greater good” – social purpose work in the second half of life.

We are gathering stories to highlight this growing trend. By telling the story of your involvement with an issue you care about, you can bring attention to the issue and the people you serve. You can inspire others to embark on their own encores, and you can help persuade employers, educators, policymakers and society as a whole that those in and beyond midlife are a powerful source of talent to tackle society’s urgent challenges.

How do I submit my story?

Submit your story by filling out the story form on the Encore.org website.  Click here to access the form, which includes a request for a photo of yourself.


What should I write about?

There are four questions on the story submission form to guide you. When you sit down to write, make your story personal and anecdotal, but avoid reciting your CV.

Write about what drew you to your work or volunteer activity.  Tell an anecdote about the people you are serving, the issue you care about, the impact you are having.  Convey the satisfactions and the challenges.  The goal of these stories is to show the world the powerful effects of older adults working for the greater good.

What length should my story be?

The story submission form allows for an unlimited number of words, but the best stories are under 500 words (about a page and a half long.) Stories may be edited for length and clarity.

What happens to my story after I submit it?

Your story will be reviewed, edited and published – in whole or in part – on our web page Stories from the Encore Movement.” Encore.org will not publish your story unless you check the box granting permission.

We may also share your story with our Encore Network partner organizations (see list here) for use on their websites.

Your story will not be published if you do not submit a photo. Encore.org reserves the right to decline to publish any story.

What are the specifications for the required photo?

Photos should be “head-and-shoulders” shots with a minimum resolution of 500 x 500 pixels. Smartphone photos meet those requirements, but please have someone else take the photo of you.  “Selfies” do not meet our website’s high resolution requirements.  We regret that we are unable to publish stories without a photo.

Will my story be given to the news media?

Your story will not be offered to Encore.org’s news media contacts unless you give us permission to do so. If you check the box on the story form indicating you would consider doing an interview, we will contact you before offering your story to the media.