The Spring 2015 issue of LPN-Q, the quarterly journal of the Life Planning Network (LPN), is a trove of wisdom about older adult entrepreneurship. LPN defines itself as “a community of professionals from diverse disciplines dedicated to helping people navigate the second half of life.”

The issue is a must-read and includes articles by many friends of, beginning with a definitional piece by Doug Dickson, who leads the Encore Boston Network, and including a thought-provoking essay on the entrepreneurial mindset as a life skill by Purpose Prize Fellow and founder of the Vital Aging Network, SHiFT and the global exchange Pass It On Network, Jan Hively. (Hively is also a co-editor of the spring LPN-Q.)

My colleague Cal Halvorsen (formerly’s director of research) and I were pleased to contribute a piece for the issue, drawing on 10 years of running The Purpose Prize and more recent research on the phenomenon we call the “encore entrepreneur.”

My personal favorite? A collection of advice from Purpose Prize winners and fellows over the years about the guidance they wish they had gotten before embarking on their own entrepreneurial adventures.

You can download this special issue free of charge. Don’t miss it.