About EncoreU

EncoreU institutions envision a future of challenge and promise.

Leaders of institutions of higher education have the opportunity and the responsibility to recognize and cultivate a growing population of unconventional students.

EncoreU encourages institutions to understand, develop and harness the talents of students in midlife and beyond so that they can be prepared for new roles as changemakers in their communities and the wider world.

Growth, across institutions and individuals. Institutions of higher education have the influence and the diversity of offerings to create pathways that will unleash the potential of a new generation of seasoned leaders ready to use their later careers to social ends. EncoreU blends the strengths of higher education with the skills, talent and experience of retirement-age Americans eager for both new knowledge and a community of like-minded peers as they transition into new roles that serve the greater good.

Leadership commitment to the encore movement. EncoreU challenges all leaders of institutions of higher-education nationwide to develop academic offerings to prepare people in their later careers for service-oriented second and third acts.

Education, in theory and in practice. EncoreU institutions offer innovative academic pathways for encore transitions, along with practical tools to understand the most pressing needs of the social sector – education, health care, poverty, the environment – and how to meet them.

Students for life. With a growing array of classes, workshops, lectures and discussion series, EncoreU’s reach is expanding to anticipate and address the needs of a new generation of students: The encore generation.

Leaders and representatives of institutions of higher education who would like to learn more about EncoreU are invited to contact Executive VP Jim Emerman.