• $100,000 in prizes for social innovation

The Encore Prize, offering $100,000 in cash prizes, coaching and a year of ongoing support, is looking for the next generation of programs and products that bring the talent of 50+ adults to social problems.

Our first challenge: To help kids at risk.

The first Encore Prize will be for organizations or individuals of any age with innovative solutions that utilize experienced talent to serve youth, in conjunction with our Generation to Generation campaign to mobilize adults 50+ to help young people thrive.

Judging Criteria

Applicants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Encore Fit – venture utilizes encore talent in well-designed roles that have potential to be used widely to address the social problem.  Venture demonstrates the potential and desire to become leaders of the encore movement, demonstrating the power of encore talent.
  • Innovation – venture consists of a new approach or a critical improvement to an existing model.
  • Organizational/applicant strength – organization/applicant demonstrates ability to carry out project successfully.  Good track record or clear support from other organizations/partners.  Understands team assets and gaps.
  • Scalability/Replicability – venture has capacity to grow to produce significant social change.
  • Financial Model – venture has a clear plan for financial sustainability utilizing diverse and repeatable streams of revenue such as earned income, and public and private funding.
  • Diversity – ability to engage people and organizations representing diverse communities, particularly those in which children and youth are at particularly high risk, for example high levels of gun violence or families being separated due to immigration status.

Key Dates:

March 27-May 7: Applications Accepted

May-June: Encore Prize Accelerator Webinars presented by Encore Prize Accelerator Faculty

  1. Human-Centered Design, Monday, 5/22, 11am-12 noon PT – Gretchen Addi, formerly with IDEO
  2. Designing Encore Roles, Wednesday, 5/31, 11am-12 noon PT – Nancy Peterson, Encore.org, Amy Corbett, Metropolitan Family Service,  and Atalaya Sergi, Jumpstart for Young Children
  3. Communications for Social Innovation, Thursday, 6/8, 11am-12 noon PT – Cheryl Heller, Design for Social Innovation at the School of Visual Arts
  4. Pitching Your Project, Monday, 6/12, 11am-12 noon PT – Andy Goodman, The Goodman Center
  5. (Optional) Using Technology to Scale Social Innovation, Wednesday, 7/26, 10-11am PT – Katy Fike, Aging2.0

July-September: Public voting coaching

Oct 16: Encore Pitch (in Boston)/Winners Announced


A total of $100,000 of prize money will be awarded.  A panel of expert judges will award one $50,000 prize, and the cohort of finalists itself will select one winner from their peer group to receive a second $50,000 prize.

Applications for the 2017 Encore Prize are now closed

On May 7, we closed applications and are inviting invite everyone who has applied to join us in a two-month process to learn from experts and refine and strengthen your idea and your capacity to bring it to life. 



To be notified about how you can be involved in public voting for this year’s finalist or about future cycles of The Encore Prize, or to receive news from Encore.org and the Generation to Generation campaign, complete the form below. For more details on the prize process and what will be required of applicants for future challenges, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.