Renee Rhiner

Friends of the Children
Portland, OR
Encore Fellow 2012


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Renee Rhiner retired from Intel after nearly two and a half decades. Her next step involves working for Friends of the Children in Portland, OR.

A determined woman with a gentle laugh that makes her green eyes shine, Renee Rhiner is about to set off on a journey of discovery.

For 24 years, most of her adult life, Renee oversaw costly and complex construction projects for Intel Corporation. On July 2, 2012, she retired.

With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, she took an audacious step by leaving Intel’s exacting, but comforting, embrace and is preparing to work as an Encore Fellow with Friends of the Children, a Portland, Oregon non-profit that provides long-term mentoring to at-risk children.

Renee is a participant in the new Intel Encore Career Fellowship Program, coordinated through Social Venture Partners Portland. The program provides Intel retirees an opportunity to take a subsidized, temporary, impactful position with a nonprofit organization upon retirement. The goal is to make the transition into retirement from Intel a positive experience for the retiree, the community and the company. Encore Fellows™ work 1000 hours for the non-profit over a 6-18 month period.

Under the Intel arrangements, the Encore Career Fellowship recipient receives a $25,000 stipend paid by Intel through the non-profit and six months of paid COBRA health care coverage.

In junior college Renee had wanted to be an architect, so that’s what she focused on when she next entered Arizona State University. But while doing part-time work for various civil engineering firms during school she realized that construction was more interesting and potentially more lucrative. “I found it much more exciting to experience the transformation of a project from paper to reality,”

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