Gen2Gen at National Mentoring Summit: Top #EncoreNews of the Week

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“The real fountain of youth is the fountain WITH youth,” our CEO Marc Freedman told National Mentoring Summit attendees. Catch his full talk in our Generation to Generation (Gen2Gen) Facebook Group here

If you connect older adult volunteers with young people, you get an intergenerational win-win, according to this California Health Report story highlighting the work of our Gen2Gen Learning Lab partners.  

Want to hear our CEO Marc Freedman and activist Jimmie Briggs talk about the Gen2Gen campaign and the importance of mentoring? Check out this inspiring new video from our friends at WorkingNation. 

In this “Reflections on Late Style Piece” profile of our Executive VP Jim Emerman, he explains how “purpose beyond the self” becomes what you can contribute to the community, to others and to the world.

We’re delighted to introduce our new Senior Fellow — and thought leader on demographic trends — Paul Taylor, whose previous work includes serving as the executive vice president at the Pew Research Center, authoring three books, and reporting for the Washington Post. (Don’t miss his interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show!)

NPR’s Innovation Hub profiles Purpose Prize winner Judy Cockerton’s Treehouse Foundation, which has created a community of 60 houses where older adults connect with foster youth, often serving as “honorary grandparents.” 

If you’re in SF on Valentine’s Day, come spend it with our CEO Marc Freedman, who’ll speak to author John Tarnoff about his new book, and how older adults can create make a difference in their communities through encore careers; tickets here.

Finally, we’re hiring! Check out the open positions on our Jobs Page, and please spread the word. 

What We’re Reading (and Watching)

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If you’re excited to get out there and support the causes you care most about these days, you’re not alone. Our Gen2Gen campaign partner VolunteerMatch experienced the busiest week in their 20-year history last week, with over 500,000 visitors looking for opportunities to get involved! Don’t let this moment pass by without exploring how you can make a difference when it comes to investing in future generations. Check out the Gen2Gen “opportunity finder” here today to find something that’s just right for you. And then tell us about it in our Gen2Gen Facebook group!