#Gen2Gen Media Coverage Continues: Top #EncoreNews of the Week

Encore in the Media and Other News

In his latest in the Wall Street Journal, our CEO Marc Freedman describes rising interest in efforts that promote age integration, and how our new campaign, Generation to Generation, can help shape this conversation (click to tweet). 

And speaking of Generation to Generation, we’re thrilled to share the media coverage that’s been pouring in: 

  • In this Washington Post oped, Paul Taylor points to his recent research with Encore.org, where the majority of respondents said the growing diversity between young and old in America is likely to be a source of national strength, not conflict. 
  • What happens if we use our nation’s hidden, increasing natural resource — caring, older adults — to help kids get a stronger grip on a better life? “Everybody wins, and we make the world a better place for our children to inherit,” says AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins.
  • This Forbes piece describes why so many older adults are excited about mentoring with our Gen2Gen partner Strive for College, and are using their experience to give back to the next generation. 
  • Want to leave a legacy that outlives you? Become a mentor, suggests our VP (and 2016 Influencer in Aging) Jim Emerman, who explains how a majority of Americans think connecting young and old will be a source of national strength, and how Gen2Gen is helping make that a reality. 

Money alone can’t make a movement — you need someone on a personal mission, like our CEO Marc Freedman, writes The Guardian. And, they write, that leader has yet to emerge in the UK.

Our CEO Marc Freedman tells the Financial Times why he wants more organizations to help mid-career workers retrain, like Lucy Kellaway’s Now Teach is doing. 

Our board member — and Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging chair — Paul Irving makes a strong case in this Wall Street Journal piece for how driverless cars could transform older adults’ lives, if they’re designed with the aging population in mind. 

Finally, check out this great profile of Intel retiree Pam Mulhall, who’s lending a hand to women facing hardships, after going through hard times herself. 

What We’re Reading (and Watching)

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Encore.org’s Social Action Pick of the Week

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