Encore Fellows to Employees: Adding Value at Habitat for Humanity

Encore Fellows Doug Champlin and Fred Gyger contributed so highly and found such great satisfaction at their Habitat for Humanity Encore Fellowships that they both were asked to stay as permanent employees.

Fred Gyger became the logistics manager for the ReSale stores for Habitat for Humanity, Charlotte County, developing processes and procedures for consistency throughout all the stores. He then was asked to manage all four stores. After finishing his fellowship, Fred continues today to manage the stores.

Doug Champlin implemented a home impact survey to understand how housing impacted the 200 families that had homes. He was asked to stay on as Operations Manager, having ultimate responsibility for four departments—Construction, Volunteer, a new IT area to standardize infrastructure, and Family Services and Mortgaging departments.

Over 25 Encore Fellows have worked at Habitat for Humanity for their fellowships across the country.

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