100Kin10 and Encore Fellows Partnership

100Kin10 has joined forces with The Encore Fellowships Network to fuel the 100Kin10 movement by adding capacity to member organizations in the areas of marketing and communications, strategic planning, data analysis, program design and management, performance management and talent management. These Fellowships offer a pathway for seasoned professionals and executives to bring their functional expertise and experience to 100Kin10 partners.

What are Encore Fellowships?

Encore Fellowships are structured assignments that match experienced, skilled professionals with social-purpose organizations. Fellows take on roles which leverage their experience to deliver significant impact to their host organizations. During the fellowship (1,000 hours, generally over six to 12 months), fellows complete a high-impact project, earn a stipend and develop a network of contacts for the future.

What do Encore Fellows do in 100Kin10 partner organizations?

Although the typical Encore Fellow is new to the nonprofit sector, a wide range of roles in STEM-focused organizations can leverage the Fellow’s skills and experience so they can make high-impact contributions almost immediately. Many fellows draw upon their own STEM-specific expertise transferred from relevant deep career experience and functional management. High-potential Encore Fellow roles include:

  • Marketing/communications,brand management, messaging and public relations
  • Information technology,most aspects of hardware, software and cloud computing technology planning, implementation and maintenance
  • Human resources policies,systems and structures, staff development and coaching
  • Financial management,including accounting, business processes, budgeting, forecasting, and cost modeling
  • Strategic planning,scaling initiatives, partnerships, deployment and board recruitment
  • Operations and performance managementplanning, coordination and analysis
From a 100kin10 Partner:

“Our experience with Encore.org has been nothing short of transformative. I can’t say enough about what a strategic asset Nancy Diao, our Encore Fellow, has been to our staff in this critical time in our history. Originally, we were seeking a Chief Financial Officer, but in Nancy, we have found so much more.”

Laura Zahn, Chief Academic Officer, Breakthrough Collaborative, 2013 Work Host

Read more about Laura and Nancy in a September 2013 article on Atlantic.com.

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Some featured Encore Fellows at 100kin10 Partner Organizations

Nancy Diao, 2013 Encore Fellow at Breakthrough Collaborative

Diao served in various senior finance and human resource roles for 25 years at Wells Fargo. In her 2013 fellowship, Nancy applied her expertise as the Acting CFO/COO at Breakthrough Collaborative, which launches low-income students on the road to four-year colleges, engages outstanding college and high-school students in the rigors of teaching, and cultivates professional educators as instructional leaders. After her Fellowship, Nancy joined the board.




Larry Barone, 2012 Encore Fellow at Citizen Schools

Larry Barone spearheaded STEM partnerships and civic engagement in Silicon Valley for his 2012 fellowship with Citizen Schools California. Over the past decade, he developed a wide range of public-private partnerships at NASA Ames, drawing upon a decade of management experience in the private sector at Intel and Sun Microsystems and a decade of research and consulting in the public/university sectors at UC Berkeley, the National Labs and the National Park Service. Citizen Schools teams with middle schools to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities.


Annette Orenstein, 2014 Encore Fellow at The Achievement Network

Annette Orenstein is an Encore Fellow at The Achievement Network (ANet), which partners with communities in underserved districts to improve student performance. Encouraging a culture of strong standards-based and data-driven teaching has helped ANet-affiliated schools outperform their peers. Drawing upon her extensive background in strategic planning and marketing for companies such as HBO and Showtime, Annette focuses on developing a unified brand and communications strategy for ANet.




Blake Sacha, 2014 Encore Fellow at Science Foundation Arizona

Blake Sacha was at Intel for 28 years, most recently as the director of capital planning and previously as a senior yield manager and process engineer at manufacturing sites in Arizona and Japan. He has a great interest in STEM education, which led to a match with Science Foundation Arizona. Blake’s Encore Fellowship is designing and implementing a systems approach for the Arizona STEM Network, led by Science Foundation Arizona. The Network brings together a number of organizations and individuals involved in STEM with a goal toward graduating individuals prepared for today’s job market.

The Economics of 100Kin10 Encore Fellows

Host organizations are responsible for paying the Fellow’s stipend ($20,000 to $35,000) plus a discounted program fee specifically for 100Kin10 partners. Please indicate you are a 100Kin10 partner when applying to receive the special fee.

The return on investment to an organization hosting an Encore Fellow may be direct and immediate (for projects focused on cost savings or revenue generation) or indirect and longer-term (for strategy work, for example, or for capacity-building investments). Across the network, host organizations typically place a value on the work of their Encore Fellow at two to four times the actual cost of the fellowship.

Next Steps

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