Encore Stories

Our encores are creating a better future
for our communities and the world.

The focus of her encore work is on the hardest-to-house homeless.

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Pearl Munak

Paso Robles, CA

From our partner StoryCorps comes an unusual intergenerational story that began after a teen had a disabling car accident.

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Ernest Greene

Asheboro, NC

She’s using an innovative concept to help solve the low-income housing crisis facing her community.

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Carrie Franzwa

Lebanon, OR

This physician created a training program for high school teens to work in home healthcare roles.

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William Leahy

Chevy Chase, MD

This ex-banking exec used her Encore Fellowship to help a nonprofit grow its capacity to serve the urban homeless.

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Carmine Roche

North Bellmore, NY

This lawyer brings community healthcare to Hispanics in central Florida who haven’€™t been on the official health radar.

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Josephine Mercado

Casselberry, FL

This epidemiologist teaches communities how to use pain medication more safely and recognize and reverse an opioid overdose.

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Catherine Sanford

Durham, NC

This former corporate exec invented a talking cow robot to teach kids about “the milk of human kindness.”

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Ted Dreier

Franklin, TN

She helps ex-inmates get work and overcome the stigma of “doing time.”€

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Darlene Lewis

Little Rock, AR

She took her career skills to Africa to help students get out of poverty and into college.

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Mary Ellen Carter

Laguna Beach, CA
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