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National service for encore-stage adults is a robust (and replenishing) human resource that can improve lives, communities and society, according to Shirley Sagawa and John Bridgeland, Service Year Alliance President/CEO and Vice-Chairman, respectively.

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The Encore Talent Impact Project: A Study of Encore Talent at Work

In 2015 and six study partners surveyed nonprofit organizations that had used people in encore roles and asked about the kinds of impact they had observed and the personal characteristics of the individuals that might have contributed to that impact. The results – from volunteers to stipended roles, people in encores deliver unexpected types of impact across the board.

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Pass It On: Encore Talent and Vulnerable Youth

How can the skills and experience of encore talent be mobilized to support vulnerable youth?  The full proceedings  from Stanford’s Pass It On conference offers compelling ideas and concrete strategies for change.

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  • Read findings from the Encore Career Surveys.
  • Learn about the demand for and use of encore talent.
  • Discover what we know about entrepreneurship as an encore career.
  • Find out how public policy can accelerate the encore movement.

Tools for Encore Leaders

Encore Talent Works

The go-to resource for tapping encore-stage adults with the experience and drive to improve their communities, designed to help nonprofits, public agencies and social enterprises to develop successful new paid and unpaid encore roles.

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Innovations in Encore

The essential resource for those interested in harnessing the energy, experience and talent of millions of people in their “encore” stage of life. Read how the encore movement started, and get tips and success stories from encore leaders.

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Building an Encore Community: Lessons Learned from Maricopa County

A case study from Arizona, where the encore idea has taken firm root in the Phoenix metro area, demonstrating the full spectrum of encore programs in action.

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