Intel Encore Career Fellows

Intel Encore Career Fellows: A Pathway to a New Stage of Work and Contribution

“Encore Fellowships are a smooth transitional pathway for our eligible pre-retirees wishing to contribute to the greater good after leaving Intel. It’s a new stage of work, with greater flexibility and connection with the local community.” 


 INTELIntel’s Encore Career Fellowship program is aimed at active Intel U.S. employees who are retiring and wish to transition to a new stage of work with a local nonprofit organization where they help the organization build capacity, operate more efficiently, and ultimately, have a broader impact on their community.

Since the 2011 launch of this program, hundreds of retiring Intel employees have become Intel Encore Career Fellows, demonstrating that the Encore Career Fellowships program fits exceptionally well with Intel’s U.S. Retirement Services’ goal of making the important life transition beyond midlife work into a positive experience for its employees and the company.

The program offers eligible retirees:

  • purposeful and flexible work beyond retirement;
  • an alternative source of income following retirement from Intel;
  • a positive connection between themselves, Intel and to their local community; and
  • a structured introduction to a network of new relationships and new opportunities.

Intel Encore Career Fellow Fred Gyger Fred became the logistics manager for the ReSale stores for Habitat for Humanity, Charlotte County, developing processes and procedures for consistency throughout all the stores. He then was asked to manage all four stores.  After finishing his fellowship, Fred continues today to manage the stores.

“This job has changed my outlook on what’s truly important. It hits home, how you were able to make a difference in somebody’s life.”

The Intel Encore Career Fellowship Program provides a way for Intel employees to expand their contributions to their community. In addition, the program reinforces Intel’s community engagement and enables communities to benefit from the retiree’s breadth and depth of career experience.

Extending beyond Intel’s historical commitment to employee volunteerism, Encore Fellows further strengthen social-purpose organizations in a new and innovative way: by participating in community programs that leverage the talent of an Intel retiree in a sustained manner.

“As I interviewed with the Encore Fellowship Program Director, I found myself getting excited about looking for new opportunities to expand my skill set. After working for 37 years at Intel, I wanted to find out what it was like to work with a non-profit organization and to give back to my community. It has been a complete turn-around for me.”  Rose Gallegos, Encore Fellow, Centro Cultural de Washington County, Cornelius, OR

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Important: Use this button to access the form for eligible Intel employees, not the general application forms found on other websites.

“Encore Fellowships have helped our retiring employees explore their next stage of life and re-imagine retirement.”

Amber Wiseley, Intel Human Resources

How the Program Works

Eligible Intel employees can apply year-round. Once confirmation of  eligibility is received,  the Intel Encore Career Fellow applicant will be assigned to a local Encore Fellows program operator who will start the selection and matching process.  In order to find the best possible mutual match, Intel employee applicants are strongly encouraged to apply several months in advance of their planned retirement date.

The fellowship period begins after the Intel retiree has terminated and separated from the company, but the employee must apply before separation. Actual start dates and work schedules are based on agreements among the Fellow, nonprofit Host and local program director. The assignment typically lasts six to 12 months, half or full time, and involves a commitment to work (on average) 1,000 hours. Fellows are paid a set annual stipend of $25,000.

Each program is managed by a local program operator in partnership with The program operator coordinates the application and matching process. Applicants are carefully matched by the Program Operator with host organizations to ensure a cultural fit, skills match, compatibility with work environment and area of interest, position availability, and the ability to make an impact. Nonprofits are vetted for their readiness to apply the talents of the applicant. The matches are based on mutual agreement only and a match is not guaranteed. Intel is not involved in the matching process.

Fellows are embedded as part of the nonprofit staff. This practice allows them to deliver greater impact than the fellows could as volunteers, board members or short-term consultants. Throughout the year, the program operator brings local fellows and nonprofit executives together to share their experiences and offers other networking opportunities.

“Lauren brought talents we didn’t know we needed. Her work was 3X what we expected. We plan to bring on more retirees because of the expertise and experience they bring.” Shannon Malloy, Director of Development and Operations, Cure JM

Intel’s Encore STEM Diversity Fellowship 

Employees interested in a STEM related program may apply for Intel’s Encore STEM Diversity Fellowship in Oakland, CA. Recognizing the additional commute time required, Oakland Encore Fellows will receive a $50,000 stipend. There are limited fellowships available for Oakland STEM applicants, so please note your interest on your Encore Fellows Program application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Still Work and Be Paid By Intel?

Intel Encore Career Fellows work for their host social impact organization. Although Intel funds the fellowship, the host organization will pay the Fellows directly.

What Kind of Roles Do Encore Fellows Do?

Almost any role found in business is also needed in the non-profit world.

  • Process improvement – improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations; improve quality management and processes
  • Planning– lead or coordinate strategic, sustainability or operational planning processes
  • IT support – assist NPOs in getting the most out of their IT environment
  • Leadership and management development – assess management practices and create actionable plans
  • Administration– Support and improve administrative processes and office management
  • Performance management – design and implement an accountability system, including leadership, job structure, metrics and goals
  • Program support and implementation: implement a program or service or provide administrative, analytic or implementation support
  • Marketing and communications – help deliver coherent, compelling messaging
  • Human resources – strengthen HR policies, structures, systems, and practices
  • Facilities management – coordinate construction plans and manage facilities


What Kind of Non Profits Do Encore Fellows Work For?

Partial Listing

Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, CA

1stAct Silicon Valley
Abilities United
Art in Action
Children’s Discovery Museum
Citizen Schools
Environmental Volunteers
Gardner Family Health Network
Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley
Krause Center for Innovation
Marine Science Institute
Music for Minors
Partners in School Innovation
Quarryhill Botanical Garden
Project Baobob
Ravenswood Family Center
Resource Area for Teaching
Second Harvest Food Bank
Silicon Valley Education Foundation
Sonoma Ecology Center
TriCity Health Center
Youth Science Institute

 Sacramento, CA

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento
Center for Community Health and Well-Being, Inc.
Center for Fathers and Families
Mission Focused Solutions
Placer Community Foundation
Powerhouse Science Center
Rebuilding Together Sacramento
Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture & Education Project

 Portland, OR, Metro area

Centro Cultural
Children’s Institute
Friends of the Children
Impact Northwest
Metropolitan Family Service
New Avenues for Youth
Portland Schools Foundation
The Shadow Project
Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

 Maricopa County, AZ

Arizona Science Center
Camelback High School
Child Crisis Center
City of Tempe
Franciscan Renewal Center
Habitat for Humanity
Lodestar Day Resource Center
Treasures 4 Teachers
Valle del Sol
Valley of the Sun United Way
WellCare Foundation
Youth @ Risk

 Rio Rancho/Albuquerque, NM

Alzheimer’s Association, New Mexico Chapter
Center for Nonprofit Excellence at United Way of Central New Mexico
Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico
Cornucopia Adult Day Services
Metropolitan Homelessness Project
Roadrunner Food Bank
WESST (Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency Team)

 Hudson, MA

Edward Street Services
Audobon Society

 Seattle/Tacoma, WA

Climate Solutions Group
Social Venture Partners

Are There Any Application Tips?

For tips on applying to be an Encore Fellow and creating a resume, click on the link below. For additional help with resume-writing, you can also go to the Intel My Learning tool on the Intel employee intranet, and type in “Resume Writing” to take a resume writing session.
Intel Encore Career Fellowship Program Application Tips and Resume Help

More Information and Contacts

For more information, interested employees are encouraged to speak with the Intel’s Encore Career Fellowship Program office at [email protected]. For information  on or more information on the Encore Fellowships program, in general, contact [email protected]. To download an Intel Encore Career Fellowship Program brochure, click here.

Important Note: Intel employees must use the links on this page to access the special Intel Encore Fellowship Program application.

No matter your location, and the Encore Fellowships Network can most likely match you anywhere in the United States.


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