Intel Encore Career Fellows

Intel Encore Fellows: A Pathway to a New Stage of Work and Contribution

“Encore Fellowships are a smooth transitional pathway for our eligible pre-retirees wishing to contribute to the greater good after leaving Intel. It’s a new stage of work, with greater flexibility and connection with the local community.”

Richard Taylor, Intel Vice President of Human Resources

 INTELIntel’s Encore Career Fellowship program is aimed at active Intel U.S. employees who are retiring and wish to transition to a new stage of work with a local nonprofit organization where they help the organization build capacity, operate more efficiently, and ultimately, have a broader impact on their community.

Since the 2011 launch of this program, hundreds of retiring Intel employees have become Encore Fellows, demonstrating that the Encore Career Fellowships Program fits exceptionally well with Intel’s U.S. Retirement Services’ goal of making the important life transition beyond midlife work into a positive experience for its employees and the company.

The program offers eligible retirees:

  • purposeful and flexible work beyond retirement;
  • an alternative source of income following retirement from Intel;
  • a positive connection between themselves, Intel and to their local community; and
  • a structured introduction to a network of new relationships and new opportunities.

Intel Encore Fellow Randy Stuart, right, with Mike Mansfield, CEO, Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte County, FL – Randy relocated from the Northeast to Punta Gorda, and became an onsite Construction Project Manager for Habitat for Humanity. He coordinated volunteers, staff and future homeowners and built new, affordable and safe housing in the community. After finishing his fellowship, Randy became a full-time construction supervisor.

The Encore Career Fellowship Program provides a way for Intel employees to expand their contributions to their community. In addition, the program reinforces Intel’s community engagement and enables communities to benefit from the retiree’s breadth and depth of career experience.

An Encore Career Fellowship is designed to leverage a retiree’s experience in the following areas: marketing, operations, information technology, human resources, process improvement, engineering, management, strategy, finance, and other functional areas.

Extending beyond Intel’s historical commitment to employee volunteerism, Encore Fellows further strengthen social-purpose organizations in a new and innovative way: by participating in community programs that leverage the talent of an Intel retiree in a sustained manner.

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“I have a lot of time left and there’s a whole other world out there outside of Intel that I want to explore…I kind of think of my Encore fellowship as graduating from high school or leaving home for the first time.”

Renee Rhiner, 2012 Intel Encore Fellow in Portland, OR

Watch John Owens talk about his
experience as an Encore Fellow
sponsored by Intel and what he
hopes to accomplish with his Arizona
nonprofit host, The Centers for
Habilitation. (Click photo to play.)

Video length – 5:20

Watch Joan Wyatt talk about her
experience as an Intel Encore Fellow
at the Center for Fathers and Families
in Sacramento, CA. Joan shares the
story of her transition from Intel to the
nonprofit sector and what she hopes
to accomplish during her fellowship.
(Click the photo.)

Video length – 2:01

Important: Use this button to access the form for eligible Intel employees, not the general application forms found on other websites.

Typical Encore Fellow Roles

  • Process improvement – improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations; improve quality management and processes
  • Planning– lead or coordinate strategic, sustainability or operational planning processes
  • IT support – assist NPOs in getting the most out of their IT environment
  • Leadership and management development – assess management practices and create actionable plans
  • Administration– Support and improve administrative processes and office management
  • Performance management – design and implement an accountability system, including leadership, job structure, metrics and goals
  • Program support and implementation: implement a program or service or provide administrative, analytic or implementation support
  • Marketing and communications – help deliver coherent, compelling messaging
  • Human resources – strengthen HR policies, structures, systems, and practices
  • Facilities management – coordinate construction plans and manage facilities

Intel Encore Fellow Steven Walgren, right, with the crew at Energy Resource Center in Colorado Springs, CO – As a 2013 Encore Fellow at Energy Resource Center, he was responsible for repairing and maintaining the equipment and training the work crews to improve the efficiency of the equipment and materials. ERC provides weatherization services to keep homes for low-income families in rural Colorado warm and safe and to protect the environment. Steve was hired by ERC following his fellowship and continues to improve the efficiency of ERC’s service delivery.

Sollee Hermoso leverages her program and project management skills from Intel in her assignment with Aspiranet’s Communications group in California’s Central Valley. Aspiranet manages a statewide network of family, adoption, foster care, after school, and education programs. “Sollee has developed a system for taking communications initiatives from early planning phase to implementation – a greater number of priority initiatives are completed instead of losing ground to lower priority projects.” – Stacey Fehr, Communications Director, Aspiranet, Turlock, California

Jim Nicholson started his career at Digital Equipment Corporation in 1973 and worked at Intel from 1998-2013, with a final role as a Technical Marketing Manager. Jim joined The Trustees for the Reservations (TTOR) in 2014 as their Stewardship Operations Encore Fellow. “I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderfully helpful Jim has been since his start in January. He has dived right in, and to be honest, I am continuously impressed with the knowledge and skills he brings to the job everyday. And most importantly, I think he is quite happy with the experience so far. He spent the other day on the tractor and when I went to check on him, his response was “I can’t believe I get paid to do this, Jason.” – Jason Hill, CEO, The Trustee for Reservations, Leominster, MA

“Encore Fellowships have helped our retiring employees explore their next stage of life and re-imagine retirement.”

Amber Wiseley, Intel Human Resources

How the Program Works

Eligible Intel employees can apply year-round, but should inquire about the timeline and scheduling preferences of local programs. We will do our best to accommodate your application timing within the scheduling processes of the programs and ask for your support for the time needed to explore a quality match for the Fellow and the Work Host. Intel employee applicants are strongly encouraged to apply several months in advance of their planned retirement date.

The fellowship period begins after the Intel retiree has terminated and separated from the company, but the employee must apply before separation. Actual start dates and work schedules are based on agreements among the Fellow, nonprofit Host and local program director. The assignment typically lasts six to 12 months, half or full time, and involves a commitment to work (on average) 1,000 hours. Fellows are paid a set annual stipend of $25,000.

Each program is managed by a local program operator in partnership with The program operator develops roles for the Fellow and coordinates the application and matching process. Applicants are carefully matched by the Program Operator with host organizations to ensure a cultural fit, skills match, compatibility with work environment and area of interest, position availability, and the ability to make an impact. Nonprofits are vetted for their readiness to apply the talents of the applicant. The matches are based on mutual agreement only and a match is not guaranteed. Intel is not involved in the matching process.

Fellows are embedded as part of the nonprofit staff. This practice allows them to deliver greater impact than the fellows could as volunteers, board members or short-term consultants. Throughout the year, the program operator brings local fellows and nonprofit executives together to share their experiences and offers other networking opportunities.

Intel’s Encore STEM Diversity Fellowship 

Employees interested in a STEM related program may apply for Intel’s Encore STEM Diversity Fellowship in Oakland, CA. Recognizing the additional commute time required, Oakland Encore Fellows will receive a $50,000 stipend. There are limited fellowships available for Oakland STEM applicants, so please note your interest on your Encore Fellows Program application.

Intel Encore Career Fellowship Program Application Tips

For tips on applying to be an Encore Fellow and creating a resume, click on the link below. For additional help with resume-writing, you can also go to the Intel My Learning tool on the Intel employee intranet, and type in “Resume Writing” to take a resume writing session.
Intel Encore Career Fellowship Program Application Tips and Resume Help

Intel's Partnership with

Intel has partnered with, the originator of the Encore Fellows Program, to offer Intel Encore Career Fellowships for U.S. pre-retirees as part of the Intel Retirement Services program. Watch Barbara Miner, former Intel engineer talk about her inspiring fellowship at Saturday Academy.

Video length: 3:30

More Information and Local Contacts

For more information, interested employees are encouraged to speak with the Intel’s Encore Career Fellowship Program office lead, Rick Henderson ([email protected]), or their local Community Affairs representative. To download an Intel Encore Career Fellowship Program brochure, click here.

Important Note: Intel employees must use the links on this page to access the special Intel Encore Fellowship Program application rather than the general application forms found on the websites listed below.

For more information about your local program and timelines, please contact your nearest organization below. Applicants interested in locations outside of these locations should contact [email protected] and allow more time for the matching process.

Hillsboro OR site:
Social Venture Partners Portland
Steve Maser
[email protected]

Chandler and Ocotillo AZ site:
Maricopa County Encore Fellows
Sally Clifford
[email protected]

Santa Clara CA site:
Silicon Valley Encore Fellows
Program page on this site
Gina Cassinelli
[email protected]

Dupont WA site:
501 Commons Encore Fellows
Kerry Kozuki
[email protected]

Rio Rancho NM site:
Center for Non Profit Excellence, United Way of Central New Mexico
Larry Alei
[email protected]

Folsom CA site:
American Leadership Forum – Mountain Valley Sacramento and Sierra Region Encore Fellows
Karen Nelson
[email protected]

Hudson MA site:
ESC of New England
Donna Morelle
[email protected]

All other U.S. locations:
Gina Cassinelli
[email protected]

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Intel applicants should return to this site to apply.
To apply to become an Intel Encore Fellow, click here.



See a list of participating Nonprofit organizations near major Intel sites


“I thoroughly enjoyed my career at Intel. But as with all things it was time to explore other opportunities. When Human Resources told me about Encore Fellows, I felt that synchronicity was playing a role in my decision to do my part to help people in need. The fact that I had Intel’s blessing made it an easier decision to retire and do what my heart felt I needed to do.”

-John Owens, 2012 Intel Encore Fellow from Phoenix, AZ
“At this point Renee is playing a key role in a series of projects. Some of her tools are now being used by others. Her impact is felt just by how she does her job.”

-Mark Young, Chief Operating Officer, Friends of the Children, Work Host for Intel Encore Fellow Renee Rhiner, Portland, OR
“Having Ken, a skilled person who brings something we could never have done on our own, is wonderful. Anytime Ken comes in and opens his laptop to show us something he’s been working on, we all go – that’s so great! Wow! – It’s so exciting.”

-Sonja Palmer, Executive Director, Music 4 Minors, Work Host for Intel Encore Fellow Ken Wolff, Mountain View, CA