Encore Fellows

Bob Crum

First 5 of Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA
Encore Fellow 2017

Bob Crum is a veteran of the technology industry with 40 years of sales and marketing experience in
computer and communications at HP, Sun and Cisco. In addition, he has startup experience with a small
Dutch company bringing their business to the US, and is the sole proprietor of his own micro-publishing
business. Bob’s Encore Fellowship is with First 5 of Santa Clara County, where he will be implementing
Encore’s Generation to Generation program, tapping age 50+ volunteers to participate in early
childhood education programs.

Visit the First 5 of Santa Clara County's website

Brad Maihack

ZERO1, San Jose, CA
Encore Fellow 2016

Brad Maihack is a retired executive from Hewlett-Packard where he held a wide range of Financial and
Business Operations leadership positions across many of its businesses. In his most recent role as the
Worldwide Director of Business Operations and Programs, Brad helped expand HP’s presence in the
Cloud Computing market. Brad’s Encore Fellowship is with ZERO1 which presents some of the world’s
most innovative artists working at the intersection of science and technology to develop a
strategic business development plan. He has been asked to become ZERO1’s Interim Executive Director.

Visit the ZERO1's website

Dr. Elisa Ross

Neighborhood Family Practice, Cleveland, Ohio
Encore Fellow 2016

Elisa Ross is a board-certified OB/GYN and served as a physician with the Cleveland Clinic for over 15 years. She also was a radio and television spokesperson for the Clinic, edited the Women’s Health section of the Cleveland Clinic website and wrote over 400 articles for sites such as DrSpock.com and Disney.com (Babyzone.) Elisa’s Fellowship is with Neighborhood Family Practice where she is focusing on innovative changes to obstetrical care to decrease infant mortality and improve health outcomes for low-income residents of Cleveland’s highest-risk neighborhood.

Visit the Neighborhood Family Practice's website

Gail Myers

Challenged Athletes Foundation, San Diego, CA
Encore Fellow 2016

Gail spent nearly 20 years at Qualcomm as a legal analyst and as a lead for all communications across legal groups, outside legal firms and vendors, and as a core member of Legal Operations to increase operational efficiencies. At the Challenged Athletes Foundation, she is leading the strategy to develop an online resource guide for challenged athletes, increasing collaboration with other organizations and the challenged athlete population, adapting project management best practices to provide more efficient tools and identifying improved workflow and process improvements.

Visit the Challenged Athletes Foundation's website

Doug Defrees

We Teach Science Foundation, Burlingame, California
Encore Fellow 2015

Doug DeFrees is a Ph. D. computational chemist that studied interstellar clouds as part of the NASA exobiology program and then leveraged his background in a long and successful career with IBM Research. Doug’s fellowship is with the We Teach Science Foundation where he is responsible for the development and implementation of a strategy to improve the mentor/student collaboration platform.

Visit the We Teach Science Foundation's website

Michael Seto

AACI, San Jose, California
Encore Fellow 2015

Michael Seto is a veteran of the technology and automotive industries with 40+ years of experience in the automotive and technology industries. Michael’s fellowship is with AACI, an innovator in patient centered, integrated health programs serving Santa Clara County. Michael is helping to refine AACI’s strategy and execution plans set forth in the strategic plan and is assisting AACI in brand development and market messaging.

Visit the AACI's website

Mike Holubar

Midpeninsula Community Media Center, Palo Alto, California
Encore Fellow 2015

Mike Holubar is leveraging 30+ years of Services business experience at HP and other Silicon Valley technology companies in his fellowship with the Midpeninsula Community Media Center (MCMC). Midpeninsula Community Media Center uses TV and video on the internet to inform, inspire and empower others to speak and act on behalf of their communities. During his Fellowship, Mike will be marketing MCMC’s Professional Services to generate funding of additional outreach programs.

Visit the Midpeninsula Community Media Center's website

Americo DeSantis

Single Stop USA, New York, NY
Encore Fellow 2014

Americo DeSantis is a senior business and finance executive with a proven track record of success in several top-tier financial services and Fortune 500 companies. Throughout his career, Americo has developed high-performing teams, built successful partnerships with business line heads and regulators, and implemented rigorous processes which still stand as his legacies. Americo is now the Senior Finance Fellow at Single Stop USA, an organization dedicated to helping low-income families and individuals build economic security by offering a “one-stop” program that combines benefits screening and applications with tax preparation, legal assistance, and financial counseling.

Visit the Single Stop USA's website

Annette Orenstein

The Achievement Network, Boston, MA
Encore Fellow 2014

Annette Orenstein is an Encore Fellow at The Achievement Network (ANet), which partners with communities in underserved districts to improve student performance. Encouraging a culture of strong standards-based and data-driven teaching has helped ANet-affiliated schools outperform their peers. Drawing upon her extensive background in strategic planning and marketing for companies such as HBO and Showtime, Annette is developing a unified brand and communications strategy for ANet, a partner in the 100Kin10 network.

Visit the The Achievement Network's website

Carol Heller

Green City Force, New York, NY
Encore Fellow 2014

Carol Heller is leveraging her experience managing sales, customer care and business development organizations in her Encore Fellowship with Green City Force. Green City Force is an AmeriCorps Program that engages young people from low income backgrounds in national service related to the environment. In her Encore Fellowship Carol is applying her business development and sales expertise to expand existing partner relationships and identifying and developing new sources of revenue for Green City Force.

Visit the Green City Force's website

Catherine Farry

Sunnyvale Community Services, Sunnyvale, California
Encore Fellow 2014

Catherine Farry brings over 20 years of experience working at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, as an academic adviser and program administrator to her Fellowship with Sunnyvale Community Services. Sunnyvale Community Services assists low-income families and seniors facing temporary crises focusing all resources on basic needs. Catherine’s expertise in grants management, data collection and analysis is being used to support decision making, process management, and grants reporting to supply better information about the people served and their needs for basic services.

Visit the Sunnyvale Community Services's website

Claire Keyles

The Osborne Association, Bronx, New York
Encore Fellow 2014

Claire Keyles brings more than 25 years of experience as a corporate attorney with JP Morgan and Pfizer Inc. and business executive skills to her Encore Fellowship for the Osborne Association. In her Encore Fellowship as the Healthcare Redesign Project Manager at Osborne, Claire will be applying her project management and legal experience helping implement numerous changes resulting from the New York State Medicaid program overhaul and the Affordable Care Act.

Visit the The Osborne Association's website
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